Best Shoes For Waitressing 2019: Non-Slip & Comfy

It’s always tricky to choose non-slip waitress shoes, that are dress code policy compliant, for servers who hoist heavy plates and trays in fast food joints & dining restaurants. You’ll serve many customers and stay on your feet for long hours. Hopefully, this guide will help.

To wear while serving drinks and food in different joints and restaurants, I recommend the Dansko Professional Mule or the Townforst® Slip Resistant Jess shoes. The two models will help you prevent accidents, heel-arch pain, foot sores, joint sprains, and lower back pain

Waitressing ShoeMaterial Rating
Dansko Professional MuleLeather Check Price on Amazon5
Townforst® Slip and Oil ResistantLeather Check Price on Amazon5
Skechers Soft StrideLeather Check Price on Amazon4.98
KEEN Kaci Full-GrainLeather Check Price on Amazon4.97

Reviews: Best Shoes For Waitressing 2019 

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule 

Comfort attracts waiters, teachers and nurses to the Dansko Women’s Professional Mule shoes. You’ll easily endure standing for long hours. Despite being a little heavier than the Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog, the Professional Mule is a comfy waitresses clog. It has a slip-resistant outsole and a detachable cushioned footbed to provide you with comfort.

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Dansko Women’s Professional Mule has become very popular among waitresses, educators, teachers, Nurses, and doctors.

It will be an excellent change from your regular and plain shoes. With its slip-resistant element, you will reduce chances of slipping and injuring yourself.

The shoe has a Rocker bottom great for shock absorption that will help reduce tiredness as you serve different tables.

Also, it has a women clog design that looks stylish. The footwear comes in different colors and is among the great looking women’s clogs.

Dansko Professional Mule features will provide great cushioning, awesome traction and grip and required arch support.

Therefore, as you move from one table to another taking orders and serving food, the Dansko Professional Mule will have you covered with the features that support all day standing or extensive walking.

Waterproof leather

Dansko Professional Mule is classic clogs which come both in white and black and thus will match most work uniforms. Its foam footbed are leather lined which will absorb any sweat and thus keep your feet comfortable and fresh.

Increased comfort  

I am sure you need a shoe that you can wear for about 12 hours continuously. So, be sure that the Dansko Professional Mule is your best shoe for long hours work. It has a motion-based design which is enhanced by PU outsole, inner frame made of PVC, and PU heel features.

Further, the shoe has great arch supporting an addition to more resistance to slip and shock, and pronation relief. Such features will give you a more supportive gait.

Breathability and Fit 

We all need a waitressing shoe that will keep the foot cool and relaxed. Well, Dansko Professional Mule has breathable foam footbed to increase the flow of air and regulate temperature in the waitressing clog.

Blisters prevention 

I hate blisters and thus blister-proof shoe was one of my considerations in the waitressing shoe. Enter Dansko Professional Mule!

The shoe come with a padded instep collar that will enable it shoe to fit perfectly and safely with your foot. These features will prevent the feet and the stop of the clog from rubbing carelessly.

What we liked
  • Slip-on shoe favored by waitresses
  • Prevent slipping
  • Characteristic toe box that is spacious thus better aeration
  • Great arch support  and prevents plantar fasciitis
  • Has a rocker bottom to absorb shock
What we didn't liked
  • Could have a long break-in
  • Its heel is relatively high

2. Townforst® Women’s Slip Resistant Jess

Next is the Townforst® Women’s Slip Resistant Jess Work Shoes that are built to be slip (both grease and water) resistant for messy floors. Also, you’ll find them lighter than the Dansko Women’s Professional Mule, have cushioned insoles. and are flexible. 

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Townforst® Women’s slip-resistant shoe is known for top technology on non-slip shoes through Intertek Professional Slip Test.

Also, these women’s clogs are certified for traction and shock absorption that comes with a foam footbed.

The excellent slip on the shoe allows you to use it while you go for your lunch or tea breaks and give your feet some break too.

It has a soft exterior rubber sole that can easily resist some level of reasonable impact. Such impact resistance will enable you to easily climb up and down workplace stairs.

Further, you don’t have to worry about carrying excessive weight as the shoe is both flexible and lightweight.

Townforst® Women’s Slip Resistant Jess Work Shoes Review 

Stylish look

Townforst® Women’s slip-resistant shoe has a stylish look, which makes it great for the restaurant and waitressing job since the servers should be comfortable and good looking too.

Due to its casual stylish design and build, you can also wear the shoe while you are not at work.

Certified outsole design 

The Townforst women’s shoe has an outsole design that is certified for its purpose.

The outsole provides great grip for various restaurant floors. Therefore, you’ll not have high slip cases and thus it’s easy to prevent slip and slip accidents.

What we liked
  • Great for climbing workplace stairs
  • Has a causal look and thus usable off workplace environment
  • Reasonable prices waitressing clog
  • Great sole build
What we didn't liked
  • None

3. Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride 

My final to recommendation is the Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride that are rugged work shoes that have leather upper that is OSHA approved, particularly for its rubber outsoles. It has PU comfort insoles that you can remove and add better orthotics. Luckily, the shoe is also great for commuting and thus you can wear it after work

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Skechers for Work Women’s shoe promotes comfort and better performance making you feel secure and comfortable.

The shoe features an excellent lace-up system to secure your feet comfortably.

The upper is all leather while the insole features a removable PU for maximum protection, comfort, and durability.

The rubber outsole is slip resistant and meets all OSHA standards.

You can walk with confidence knowing that the grip and traction of the outsole will protect you from falls or slips.

Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride – Review


This sneaker is built to offer protection against electrical hazards you might accidentally come into contact with while working. You can unintentionally step on an electrically energized surface, but these shoes provide a secondary level of protection.

Slip Resistant

The rubber outsole of this work shoe is equipped with a slip resistance system to provide cushion and comfort. With these sneakers, you can work under oily and wet conditions without fear of accidents.

Comfortable Toe Area

The shoes feature a composite safety toe that is lightweight and non-metallic to give you comfort and durability. The toe area is ultra-lightweight and built with superior materials for unmatched strength, support, and protection.


The shoes feature perforated vents and accents inside the sneakers allowing optimal breathing; hence, your feet remain fresh and dry after a long day of standing.

What we liked
  • The rubber outsoles provide excellent traction
  • Comfortable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Breathability keeping your feet fresh all day
  • Excellent insole
  • Well-cushioned shoes
What we didn't liked
  • You might need to buy a half size up for perfect fit

4. KEEN Women’s Kaci Shoe 

KEEN Women’s Kaci shoe Features an amazing upper built with Full-Grain leather for a comfortable all day work experience.

The top is also water-resistant. The durable outsole has enough grip and traction ensuring that you walk on all surfaces with confidence.

With this shoe, Fear of falls, slippage, or unintended accidents are eliminated.

These shoes protect you from smelly and sweaty feet as they are fitted with remarkable mesh lining for the free flow of air inside the shoe.

Further, the EVA midsole offers adequate compression for comfort and support.

KEEN Women’s Kaci Shoe – Review


The shoe features a mesh lining that allows free flow of air allowing an abrasion freeware while ensuring your feet remain dry and fresh all day.

Support And Comfort

KEEN Women’s Kaci shoe is anatomically designed with recycled foam footbed to improve overall body support while giving you lasting comfort.


The non-marking outsole is highly durable and provides dependable traction on wet or oily surfaces making the shoe ideal for restaurant wear.

Excellent Upper

The upper of KEEN Women’s Kaci shoe feature luxurious and supple leather that does not irritate the skin, leaving you feeling great and comfy. The top is well-detailed with a decorative strap that has a laser-cut floral design.


The shoe features Cleansport NXT design which offers protection against odor and naturally controls odors to protect you from embarrassing moments. Furthermore, the mid-soles have EVA compression to provide extra support and cushioning for all-day standing or walking.

What we liked
  • Available in a variety of colors and Offer great cushioning
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Slip-resistant and Compliments any waitress uniform
  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • Excellent leather upper
What we didn't liked
  • Some customers complained that the shoe was low in height

5. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

Alegria Women’s Professional Shoe is ideal for any woman who has to be on her feet all day. The shoes feature a detachable footbed made of memory foam, cork, and latex for comfort and support.

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The shoes also feature leather upper and an excellent leather lining for additional comfort.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole contains slip-resistant polyurethane and shock absorbing elements to guard against falls or slips while providing outstanding grip and traction of all surfaces.

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe – Review


Working as a waitress, you need comfort and a professional look without trying so hard; you should invest in good shoes. Alegria Women’s Professional Shoes are designed to provide waitresses a professional look while maintaining comfort.

The upper of these shoes feature an embossed leather and Nappa leather for maximum comfort. The memory foam and latex cushioned insole provide additional softness and comfort.

Remarkable Safety

Alegria Women’s Professional Shoes adheres to the safety of the wearer. The shoe has been made using a durable rubber outsole that is slip resistant which helps to prevent accidental falls and slips while working. The footwear has also been carefully constructed with a leather material which prevents skin irritation.


To ensure the shoes last longer, they are made using leather. The leather is known to be durable, and you can be sure that you will grow with the shoe. The rubber outsole also ensures more durability.

Excellent Support

These shoes are made using a combination of latex, memory foam, and cork to provide support to your arches and heels while walking or standing all day.

The cork gives your feet shape and support. The latex and memory foam helps to naturally align your feet into a correct position for ultimate comfort.

What we liked
  • Superior arch support and Roomy toe box
  • Easy to clean just Wipe using damp cloth
  • Slip-resistant and Comfortable
  • Ideal for casual and formal wear
  • Removable footbed form allows you to incorporate own orthotics
  • Excellent cushioning will enable you to walk or stand for extended periods
What we didn't liked
  • Some complained that it fades off too quickly

6. Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes 

Vionic Women’s shoes are constructed durably using full grain leather with a super light EBA midsole that ensures comfort and flexibility.

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The durable and sturdy outsole provides traction and stability making it possible to walk on all surfaces.

The shoe also features Orthaheel technology that provides arch support as well as aids in realigning your strides for a more natural posture.

The mesh lining allows more breathability and helps to keep your feet dry and fresh all day.

Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes – Review

Encourages An Improved Stride

The shoe features orthoheel technology which aids in correcting the stride of the wearer for a more natural walking form. The insole feature heel cup and a contoured arch which help to shape your feet.

The orthoheel technology gives your gait more stability while providing reliable support to your heel and arch. The contoured footbed combined with orthaheel technology helps to enhance stride allowing a more comfortable walk.


The Mesh lining encourages the free flow of air while keeping your feet dry and fresh all day. A well-ventilated shoe helps to avoid embarrassing situations like smelly or sweaty feet.

Odor And Bacteria Prevention Technology

The manufacturers of these shoes are careful enough to include a bacteria and odor-fighting technology in every iconic footwear they produce.

They use state of the art bio-medical technology to enhance bacteria-killing agents in their brands.

This advancement in technology helps to quickly kill Bacteria and their colonies hence, reducing the possibility of bad smell or infection.


The Vionic Women’s Walker feature slip resistant and orthaheel technologies for a more stable and flexible strive while encouraging safe and correct walking forms.

Also, you can walk on any surfaces without fear of falls or slips as the shoe contains excellent traction to keep you safe.

What we liked
  • The shoe has a slip-resistant element that helps you to remain stable on all surfaces
  • Orthaheel footbed is designed to correct your stride while supporting your heels and arches
  • Mesh upper for breathability and has durable rubber outsole
  • Sock lining and Polyester upper lining to eliminate sweat
  • EVA mid-sole aids in absorbing shock
What we didn't liked
  • The shoe is not ideal for individuals with high arches

7. safeTstep Slip Resistant Women’s Camina Runner 

8. Skechers for Work Women’s Mina Slip Resistant

Buyer’s Guide

What about The Waiters?

Male servers are often tempted to get to work in their trainers. This could satisfy the dress code policy but will not give you comfort in the long term.

Therefore, instead of just getting foot soaks, it is great to purchase well-cushioned, comfortable, and supportive shoes that have anti-slippage out-sole to reduce straining out feet.

However, in contrast to waitressing shoes, men require shoes that are wider and larger. Such shoes must be stylish, comfortable, slip resistant and waterproof.

Considerations Before Buying Waitressing Shoes.

1. Comfort

You wouldn’t want to be caught wearing uncomfortable and wrong shoes while waitressing. Uncomfortable shoes will make it difficult for you to engage in your usual activity as is required.

Therefore, ensure you buy comfortable footwear that will allow you to stand or walk for those long hours without feeling any feet injuries or back pain.

2. Cushioning

Buying shoes that are well-cushioned will not only make your days less stressful but allow you to endure long standing and walking hours of waitressing.

Cushioned shoes are those that absorb shock, protect your feet from ground impact when walking, and are lightweight.

3. Slip Resistance

Due to the nature of restaurants, it’s possible to encounter a wet or smooth floor once in a while. Therefore, waitresses are at a higher risk of falling or slipping.

It’s essential that you buy shoes with excellent outsoles which are slip resistant and offer excellent grip and traction.

4. Durability

Being a waitress, you may want to choose shoes that are long-lasting and stable. Leather shoes are known to be durable as they offer stability and comfort.

5. Design

As a waitress, you may want to look professional, presentable, and comfortable all in one as you perform your duties.  Choose shoes that are well-designed and will make you feel and look good.


Hopefully, I’ve made it easier for you to choose the best shoes for waitressing. All the reviewed waitressing shoes on this guide are ideal for everyday walk or standing.

They are well-cushioned, slip-resistant, durable, and flexible to help you endure a long day of work.

However, when you buy your waitressing shoe break-in on them, Wear and walk around for a few hours to see if they are ideal and fit you properly.

Always remember comfortable shoes while waitressing can make a huge difference. For example, they’ll allow you to work more extended hours, which means more money and will ensure no more joint or feet pains.