7 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2024 Reviewed

To maintain long-term game integrity, all youth players (sluggers) must acquire the best youth baseball bats that comply with the wood-like performance standard.

  • Therefore, the new bats must be made from alloy or composite and thus “seem like wood.” Related: Best Infield Gloves

Scouting for Youth Baseball Bats? What’s New? The wood-like USABat standard has dramatically changed the youth baseball arena, starting 1st January. 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Bats for 2024

1. DeMarini Uprising (-10) 2 1/2″ Balanced USA Baseball Bat 

DeMarini Uprising (-10) 2 1/2″ by reputable DeMarini features a DX1™ Alloy (High-strength) 1-piece build great for a young player beginning in the Junior Big Barrel league. 

  • It has a light and balanced swing weight. It is new USA Baseball standard compliant.
  • Demarini CF Zen youth bat is created from a totally DeMarini’s DX1 alloy 1-piece construction whose barrel is highly durable.
  • The bat is highly durable, showing the least number of marks and scratches following several swings.

In the season, DeMarini Uprising has been designed for younger players who wish to up their game.

The DeMarini Uprising is sleek and beautiful, with the high strength DeMarini’s DX1 alloy.

It has a two 1/2-inch barrel diameter and a drop ten length-weight ratio.

Note: The uprising bat must not be employed for live kid pitching since it can fail.

Eight years and under

It is made from youth in the eight years and under and is USA Baseball standard compliant for a pony, AABC, Dixie, Babe Ruth, 2024 little League, and US SS a.

IonD end cap

Want to maximize energy and reduce shock vibration? The bat will give you a balanced swing weight with its IonD end cap.

The IonD end cap will allow you to cut the excessive weight at the end of the barrel and thus raise the bat speed due to the resultant light swing weight. 

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2. Easton USA Baseball (-10) 2 5/8 Beast X – Best Exit Speed

Easton USA Baseball (-10) 2 5/8 Beast X has a balanced 2-piece build with Easton’s dynamic feel system to create a high feel and power. 

  • Built from Easton ATAC alloy with great power with reduced vibration. Popular as the power of x: Strength, Powerful and Loud.
  • I love the two-piece bat design in the Beast X Hybrid.
  • Interestingly, the bat also feels like the Mizuno Ghost and Easton Ghost X, only that the other models are highly-priced.

Notably, Beast X Hybrid shows the highest exit speed as it hits the ball much faster while in the game in comparison to other bats in the same category.

Easton USA Baseball (-10) 2 5/8 Beast X comes with a composite aluminum barrel and composite handle.

Beast X Hybrid has an excellent and long sweet spot with the new ATAC alloy for great baseball gaming.

Beast X Hybrid replaces, in the baseball season, the Easton Z-CORE.

Improved features in Beast X Hybrid is a superior Thermal Alloy build that produces unmatched strength, top power, and explosive sound.

Reduced vibration

The Little League bat has a large sweet spot and reduced vibration compared to the previous bats.

Beast X Hybrid is suitable for contact hitters or smaller players because of the super sweet spot and drops ten weight.

Easton’s X-tended barrel

Known for its dominant aluminum barrels, Easton produced the Beast X Hybrid to have the X-tended build in its barrel.

The X-tended barrel build is created from the Z-CORE internal core to make a long aluminum barrel and a large sweet spot.

Carbon handle

Beast X Hybrid has a thin 29/32-inch handle that couples the CONNEXION+ technology. The combination produces a DYNAMIC FEEL SYSTEM that comes with power in the 2-piece hybrid bat. 

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3. Rawlings quarto Composite – Improve speed and pop simultaneously

The Rawlings quarto Composite is USA Bat standard compliant. It combines Tru View Technology and 100 percent carbon fiber composite for the highest ball pop. 

Extended build barrel and a lightweight end cap for fast swing speeds, lower swing weight, and extended plate coverage.

  • The Rawlings quarto has the Quatro Collar with a Focused Flex and a special VDT (Vibration Dampening Technology) system that is 4-piece.
  • The new bat technology incorporates the silicone collar, which mainly cuts the shock vibration and increases the power capability. Therefore, your youth will be more empowered and confident.

Therefore, you’ll find the Rawlings quarto Composite interesting if you need to improve your speed and pop at the same time.


Being in the new USA bat standard, the Rawlings quarto will work at “wood-like” levels and thus will generate less pop compared to the previous bats.

Rawlings quarto has a patented hinge to offer focused flex and thus create fantastic pop.

Less Vibration

Rawlings quarto has excellent shock protection. The VDN has a Silicone infused handle collar that enables the creation of a smooth feeling, which is considered the Vibration Dampening Technology.

You’ll experience less amount of stinging in your hands, and thus you’ll increase the amount of comfort.

Highly durable

I would consider the Rawlings quarto Composite as relatively durable.

The quarto will have some scratches but will not have significant damage under regular use, such as dents and cracks.

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4. Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-11)

Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-11) is a high bat speed type since its weight is distributed around its center. Therefore, it is best for a fastball, particularly when used by young players. 

  • Barrel material is SL Hyper aluminum that increases bat speed despite smaller sweet spots.
  • The Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-11) is a 1-piece bat made from sl hyper alloy and comes with an innovative speed Ballistic end cap.

Slugger Solo 618 is compliant with the USA Baseball standards. This bat will fit you if you need to equal the high heat with some extra meat.

The SL hyper alloy material allows the Solo 618 bat to produce a stiffer feeling and top energy transfer when contact happens.

Further, due to the innovative Speed, Ballistic End Cap is ti possible to get top speed via the game zone.

Balanced bat Slugger

You’ll notice that the bat Slugger gives you a light swinging as it is highly balanced. It is documented to be the most lightweight BBCOR swinging bat and has relatively good exit speeds.

Light end cap composite
Compared to the 2024 SOLO, the version has an end cap whose end cap compose is even lighter.

Great Ping Sound

The SOLO produces an excellent ping sound that may only be compared to the piercing sound in the Velo. It has a large sweet spot that enables the creating of great pop. 

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5. Demarini Voodoo (-10)

Next is Demarini Voodoo (-10) is a 2-piece hybrid build. Its 3Fusion handle is made up of 100% composite that reduces stinging or stock vibration. 

  • Further, with the X14 alloy, it has a thick-walled barrel that enhances its lifetime. Notably, the bat is favorable for complete noobs.
  • The DeMarini Voodoo (-10) is also an excellent bat to purchase in the season. The bat has a 2-piece build but is also well balanced and relatively easy to swing.

Notably, the bat is famous for its excellent features, which led to its certification by BPF and is regulated by USSSA.

I have to say that the DeMarini Voodoo (-10) comes with a big sweet spot and hence sends the ball flying whenever it comes into contact with it.

Balanced swing weight

The DeMarini Voodoo (-10) has an excellently balanced, balanced swing weight.

Further, the bat is produced from X14 Alloy, which allows better weight distribution and has great pop.

Endcap and the 3Fusion™ handle

Also, the endcap and the 3Fusion™ handle function effectively to control the weight.

The 3Fusion™ handle has a highly streamlined design that allows it to serve the weight distribution purpose and hence enhance the DeMarini Voodoo’s performance. 

For the 14 year youth and under baseball players, the new USABat bat standards (YouTube –New USABat bat standards Rules ) significantly affect leagues such as Little League, Dixie, AABC, Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth. 

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Best Youth Baseball Bats – Buyer’s Guide

And another thing: Youth bats are controlled by the USSSA 1.15 Bat Performance Factor (BPF) standards, which determines how fast the baseball bounces of the bat.

  • Youth baseball bats have a light and straightforward design but are adequately rough to allow rough handling.

They are created from composite, alloy, or high-tech materials.


What does this imply? The new baseball standard aims to level the playing for pitchers and batters since previous bats had become too powerful and thus unfairly advantaged batters using the hot bats.

  • Further, the new bats should match the 2 5/8- and 2 1/4- inch dimensions.

Also, a drop-weight limit will not be applied. However, the solid wood and one-piece bats are auto-approved for the new standard.

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