7 Best Shoes for Claw Toes 2024

Which are the Best Shoes for Claw Toes? Well, if you have claw toes you need supportive, comfortable, and well-cushioned shoes.

  • These shoes should have a roomy toe box to prevent your claw toes from rubbing against the inside upper of the shoe.
  • Most orthopedic and athletic shoes are ideal and have features that would provide extra comfort and support for your claw toes.

Nonetheless, I’ve done comprehensive research on some of the top Shoes for Claw Toes. Go through the list and make an informed choice.

Review: 7 Best Shoes for Claw Toes

1. New Balance Men’s MX624v2 Training Shoe

The New Balance Men’s MX624v2 takes the first spot for best shoes for claw toes. The shoe is comfortable, supportive, and comes with excellent technologies the work to protect your claw toes and foot in general.

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For starters, the New Balance Men’s MX624v2 is available in different width options. They include Extra-Extra wide, extra wide, Wide, Medium, and Narrow.

This means, irrespective of the shape of your toes or the size of your feet, you’ll definitely find your true size from this brand. Hence, the New Balance 624v2 is one of the best running shoes for men with wide feet.

The midsole section of MX624v2 features the IMEVA foam. This lightweight and durable component aids in shock absorption. Hence, it prevents common foot injuries and lower back pain.

The heel section has ABZORB polymer that protects the foot from ground impact during foot strike. It also reduces shock and protects the ankle, knee, foot, ad back from any pain.

The midsole also incorporates an internal shank that works as a crucial support component within the platform area. The shank encourages the foot to bend at the toe area rather than the arch, hence, protecting you from pain.

The upper of New Balance 624 is all leather. This upper is water repellant and has small pores that allow for breathability.

The interior of this shoe has a Phantom Liner that’s smooth and lightweight. This liner prevents toes from rubbing against the upper, thus protect you from blisters or foot irritation for a comfortable wear experience.

On top of that, the outsole is all rubbers, hence, it delivers needed durability, traction, and flexibility. The forefoot section also features Flex Grooves that promote natural foot movement. The amazing tread pattern at the bottom of the outsole enhances traction.


  • Comfortable shoe
  • Has spacious toe box
  • Ideal for walking, running, and cross-training
  • The outsole delivers exceptional traction
  • Orthotic insert helps to relieve foot pain
  • Has bouncy midsole
  • Stylish


  • Some people complained that the shoe was not supportive and stable enough


2. Apex Women’s Sierra Hiking Sneaker

Apex Women’s Sierra sneakers are the best walking and running sneakers ideal for people with claw toes. The shoes have superior technological features that allow them to deliver comfort, support, cushioning, and high performance.

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The sneaker is available in various width options and has a roomy toe area to accommodate various shapes and sizes of feet. People with bunions, hammertoes, claw toes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic feet will benefit from this shoe. Thanks to the shock removable insoles, people with these conditions will get extra comfort and support.

Apex Trail Runners provides comfort, support, and protection needed to withstand high impact activities in harsh terrains. These shoes are durable, lightweight, and designed for an active outdoor lifestyle.

The orthotic footbeds deliver support, alignment, and balance while the memory foam provides exceptional cushioning for additional comfort. The shoes also have Anti-microbial technology that helps to keep away odours and microorganisms for healthy and clean feet.

Furthermore, the wide last and Carboplast footbridge design ensures you have exceptional stability and motion control. The interior of the shoe also has a soft lining that helps prevent foot irritation or blisters for a comfortable fit.

On top of that, you can custom made orthotics and modify the shoe to your comfort or preference.


  • Roomy enough
  • Spacious toe box area allows toes to move freely
  • Lightweight
  • Highly comfortable
  • Ideal for rough terrains
  • Good for all-day standing and walking


  • Expensive


3. Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes

Gravity Defyer Orion sneakers are one of the best shoes for claw toes. The shoe is highly comfortable, supportive, and spacious enough with a wide toe box to accommodate people with claw toes.

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The shoe is available in different sizes and width options to accommodate people with different conditions like plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, arthritis, and a bad knee.

You’ll love the soft, pliable fabric on the interior and extra foot space of this Orion sneaker. This means you’ll not experience ant toe blisters or foot irritation. The soles are also durable and aid in shock absorption. Hence, it helps to reduce discomfort and pains.

The roomy toe box also ensures your toes have enough space to move freely. The heel section has a rigid heel cup that provides extra support while eliminating fascia stress. The removable insoles and the spacious interior make it easy for you to customize the shoes by inserting custom-made orthotics that enhances your stability.

Another amazing technology is VersoShock Technology. It comes with a Patented Spring System that aids in shock absorption for a smooth heel to toe transition. The Enhanced Lateral Stabilization ensures you have an improved walking gait and ground reaction.

Overall, the Gravity Defyer Orion sneaker can absorb shock and is ideal when walking or standing for long hours even on hard surfaces like cement or concrete. Hence, you get to experience all-day comfort.


  • Features durable calf rubber
  • Has removable insoles, hence can accommodate a custom orthotic
  • Supported midfoot alleviates foot pains or discomfort
  • Has wide toe box
  • The shoe is roomy, thus ideal for wide feet men
  • Comfortable
  • Well-cushioned
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Highly breathable


  • Expensive


4. Aetrex Women’s Wide Athletic Walker

Aetrex Athletic Walker is a supportive, comfortable, and well-cushioned sneaker that has enough room and spacious toe box to accommodate claw toes. The shoe has a 4-way stretch material that’s highly breathable to ensure you remain fresh and dry while walking or running.

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The upper is a mix of leather and polyurethane for extra durability. The multiple removable insoles and the unique last design make the shoes accommodate different foot types. The wearer can also use custom-made orthotics for extra comfort and support.

Other than that, this claw toes shoes are designed to deliver balanced levels of pressure during the gait cycle. Hence, it provide needed comfort, support, and breathability.

These shoes feature an external heel counter that has a superior stability enhancer to provide medial realignment, rearfoot control, and support to prevent pronation.

The Mozaic™ Customization Technology and Aetrex orthotics insoles offer superior comfort and shock reduction while walking or running.

The outsole of Aetrex Athletic Walker is all rubber and provides needed traction on various surfaces. The sole is also slip-resistant, thus, it will protect you against falls or slips.


  • Comfortable
  • Can accommodate custom orthotics
  • Ideal for all daywear
  • Wide toe box
  • Great Arch support
  • Best shoes for bunions and fallen arches


  • May run wide


5. Apex Men’s Dress Shoes

If you’re looking for a perfect dress shoe that’s comfortable yet stylish then you need to pick this Apex Men’s Dress Shoe. The brand comes with a wide selection designed to satisfy your footwear needs. The shoe is also wide with a roomy toe box to accommodate your claw toes.

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These dress shoes feature a removable EVA insole that allows you to fit your own custom orthotics for the ultimate comfort and support.

Other than that, the shoe features anatomical lasts design that delivers a comfortable and supportive fit.

Furthermore, the Mozaic Customization Technology ensures you have a remarkable customized comfort while facilitating crucial pressure relief.

The Apex dress shoes are strictly crafted using premium material and technologies. For starters, the shoe features soft full-grain leathers that prevent foot irritation and blisters. The moisture transfer linings ensure you remain cool throughout the day. The gels and polyurethanes deliver extra cushioning.

These shoes meet the highest standard of quality in its construction. It also incorporates superior technologies and materials to give you ultimate customization and adjustability.

The Apex dress shoes feature Memory foam cushioning for extra comfort and perfect customization. The Lynco orthotic footbeds ensure you have important alignment, support, and balance. The Anti-microbial technology helps to keep feet fresh, healthy, and clean.


  • Maximum comfort
  • Anti-microbial technology for healthy feet
  • Provides excellent cushioning
  • Highly comfortable
  • Wide toe box
  • Available in various widths and sizes
  • Removable insole allows for custom orthotics


  • Some customers complained that the shoe they received didn’t match the colour on the online picture


6.Orthofeet Orthopedic Arch Support Women’s Sneakers

These Orthofeet sneakers are comfortable, supportive, and have a spacious toe box to accommodate wearers with claw toes.

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The shoe is available in extended width options that include extra-wide, wide, and medium. This means you’ll get your perfect customized fit for a comfortable wear experience.

Other than that, the Contoured orthotic insole allows you have custom-made orthotics for a comfortable and supportive fit. The anatomical arch support offers extra comfort and cushioning to the heel and arch areas.

The uppers feature a soft interior lining that prevents pressure points for blister-free wear. This means your claw toes won’t rub against the upper of the shoe.

The Orthofeet Orthopedic sneaker provides a brilliant solution for claw toes, hammertoes, and bunions. The sneaker has a big toe box that provides a comfortable fit while easing common foot discomfort.

The lightweight ergonomic sole provides needed cushioning while the added comfort features reduce stress on joints and muscles. Thus, improve stability for highly responsive wear.


  • Removable insoles allow custom orthotics
  • Roomy toe box
  • Comfortable shoe ideal for all-day wear
  • Offer excellent arch support
  • Relieves common foot discomfort like bunions
  • Attractive colours and design


  • May not be true to size


7. OOFOS Men’s Orthopedic Sneaker

If you want a comfortable and supportive Orthopedic Sneaker with a spacious toe box the OOFOS OOmg would be a great choice.

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The shoes feature OOfoam technology that helps in the recovery process by reducing stress on the body for a feel-good experience after a workout session, long day standing, or walking. This innovative technology absorbs over 37% of impact to reduce stress and pressure on feet and joints.

This OOFOS sneaker facilitates natural foot motion. The forefoot area features an innovative technology that encourages feet to move naturally. Hence, preventing injuries or discomforts.

The upper of OOFOS OOmg sneaker features a 4-way stretch mesh that holds the foot in place and ensures you have a personalized comfort. This means you’ll wear this shoe for a whole day without feeling any discomfort.


  • Encourages natural foot motion
  • Has roomy toe box
  • Bacteria and moisture resistant
  • Breathable construction


  • Some people complain that the shoe is not durable


Buyers Guide for Best Shoes for Claw Toes

Spacious Shoes with Roomy Toe Box

Your claw toes will need ample space to prevent them from getting irritated and developing blisters.  Therefore, when choosing the best shoes for claw toes, it’s crucial that you pick wide shoes that have a spacious toe box. This feature will ensure you remain comfortable during your daily activities, as the toes won’t rub against the upper.

Excellent Cushioning

Ensure you pick a shoe that has a contoured footbed and bouncy cushioning. These features will ensure ultimate comfort for the entire foot. Good cushioning protects feet during the heel strike and prevents injuries or any discomfort when your feet hit the ground. Good cushioning can eliminate annoying and persistent foot pains.


When choosing the best shoes for claw toes you would want to pick ones with removal insoles. This way, in case you want to customize your shoes, you’ll just get custom orthotics for a comfortable and supportive experience. Most of the shoes I’ve reviewed above accommodate custom orthotics. Just go through the list and make an informed choice.


Inflexible shoes can be uncomfortable and may cause injuries or discomfort. When choosing perfect shoes you’re your claw toes consider ones that bend naturally at the forefoot area to deliver needed resistance as you walk or run. A shoe with ample flexibility can protect the feet from injuries while providing pain relief solution to an already injured foot.


Important Features to Consider When Buying Best Shoes for Claw Toes

  • The roomy or wide toe box
  • Excellent cushioning you can look for shoes with EVA, foam, or gel
  • High toe box to prevent the toes from unnecessary irritation
  • Ample arch support
  • Excellent Breathability
  • The toe area should have gel
  • The upper should have a flexible design



It’s good to remember that the best shoes for claw toes must be spacious with roomy toe box to prevent toes from rubbing against the interior of the upper. Other factors to keep in mind include comfort, support, cushioning, and flexibility. All the reviewed shoes meet these criteria and picking either of them will help protect your claw toes from irritation, blisters, or injuries.

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