Is Composite Decking Worth It?

Besides deck design, deck materials are the most important feature that affects the outlook and style of your deck. The composite decks are mainly made from recycled plastic, sawdust, or wood chips. How to Sand Between Deck Boards

But, is composite decking worth it? Well, compared to materials like wood, composite decking Is more expensive. But composite decking is loved since it is similar to natural wood with efficiency. 

Compared to wood, the composite decks will be easier to maintain and clean – and thus it’ll last longer – thus giving equal or more value to you as a DIY homeowner. Read Also: Sprayers for Staining Fences.

Is Composite Decking Worth It? Composite Deck Cost?

Any synthetic+organic decking materials will make your pieces durable and beautiful. Compared to the pressure-treated lumber, these composite deck will be more expensive. 

Specifically, the composite deck will cost you between $5.00 – $7.00 for each 8-inch board. Thus, for your average 20’ * 20’ composite deck, you’ll need about $5,600. 

In comparison, to build a similar 20’ * 20’ deck using pine lumber (using pressure-treated), you’ll require roughly 3,000. Notably, you can recover the price with routine maintenance in 2 to 3 years. 

Benefits of Installing a Composite Deck

1. Longer-Lasting Beauty

Many of the available composite decks will come with long warranties since they also have great and longer-lasting beauty – and it’ll also withstand your heavy traffic. 

Therefore, as a homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll have great peace of mind since you’re assured that the composite deck will maintain its beauty for longer. 

Equally important is that the composite deck will be pleasing visually since you can twerk it to match the feel and appearance of traditional timber or exotic hardwood. 

Composite decking materials will have a broad variety of designs and styles – and thus it’ll make it easy to select one that matches your taste for outdoor living. 

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2. Better Sustainability 

We’re more environmentally conscious – and thus our decking materials need to uphold this. The deck will still have that feel and looks of the natural wood – but without cutting any timber trees.

For example, Trex decking will be composed largely using recycled materials – combining polyethylene plus wood scraps. But equally, some are made with synthetic materials such as PVC decking.

Other decking materials that improve sustainability include plastic waste from the house, offcuts, and reclaimed sawdust – these will be mixed and ground under appropriate pressure and heat. 

3. Highly Durable 

The composite decking is highly durable as it’ll resist warping, mold and mildew, staining, scratches, and fading. 

Equally, you’ll find the decks comfortable and safe for families – including pets and kids. 

Spilled food dropped grill tools, and wet planter pots won’t easily damage the composite decking.

You’ll get great mold, fade, and stain resistance with high-traffic and thanks to the protective shell. 

4. Provides Great Transferable Value 

The handing over to a new homeowner – won’t bother them with the composite decking since it won’t be an unwanted hobby or passion project like with pressure-treated wooden decks. 

For most DIYers or homeowners, decks made from pressure-treated wood imply extra costs and time needed for regular maintenance to uphold that lasting allure. 

Therefore, despite that, you may have an excellent home the decks made using pressure-treated wood could be the sale deal-breaker due to the wooden deck’s age, size, and condition. 

Notably, the composite decks made from high-quality materials will create an excellent appeal to your buyers since they’ll need even lower maintenance – retaining better transferable value. 

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Choosing your Composite Decking? 

1. Budget Consideration 

Most composite decks will come in a variety of brands, colors, and styles – you’ll require to consider your preferences of color, style, fastener choice, code, and site requirements, and budget. 

As note earlier, composite decking will cost you around $3 – $7 for each square foot. Thus, you’ll need to consider the variation in color of your wood and plastic to match the home aesthetically. 

Further, you’ll need to check the installation cost depending on the deck size. While at it, you may consider the deck details including diner issues like deck texture – combed, smooth, grain patterns. 

2. Material Quality 

A beautiful deck will add to the aesthetic and overall value of your home but with composite decking, the maintenance costs will also be lower even during spring. 

Further, composite decks won’t require regular repairing each spring – this will prevent attacks from pests including termites. This will allow the deck to remain brand new – check decorative trim, post caps, and railings.  

For a better grain look and design, choose high-quality materials for the composite deck comparable to wood for a great appearance, and “woodlike” feel. 

Some DIYers may require the manufactures to buff their boards and this will help remove that plastic sheen look. Thus, with your higher-end composite decks, you’ll get a variety of grain and colors. 

3. Consider the Decking Code 

Before giving your cash to get that desired composite decking, you’ll need to consult your building management to confirm that the material is approved in your area. 

The additional key limitation to the decking materials comes with different structures, framing, and stairs. Also, it may be required to meet some requirements for fastener spacing. 

Thus, to choose the appropriate composite decking, check the city decking code in the inspection phase. Also, consider if you’ll require to fasten the decks – may be using hidden fasteners? 

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Some simple material and pattern will lead to the decks being low-maintenance – but ensure to use standard railing and plank. Thus, with the right material selection, you’ll cut waste and save money. 

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