How To Soundproof A Dog Crate

Did you know that your dog could be stressed or mentally detailed by “boom” sounds and noises like road traffic, trains, thunder, and fireworks? How To Soundproof A Dog Crate

Is your dog frequently hiding, howling, barking, drooling, whining, shaking, or panting?

Does this really get on your nerves? Well, you’ll need to soundproof the dog’s crate, closet, or room – to reduce the noise levels.

What’s a Soundproof Dog Crate? 

I approve using moving blankets to soundproof the dog crates. But, also keep ZenCrates for the dog to retreat away from the upsetting noises.

This will provide safety for your dog automatically whether you’re home or away. Related: Soundproof your Room 

A Soundproof dog crate is a special pet created from materials good in absorbing upsetting external sounds and your dog’s barking. Thus, your dog will sleep sound….easy. 

This will also help cut the reverberations and equally the disturbing going into or out of the dog crate – for comfort.  Below I’ve discussed another way you can soundproof the dog crate you have. 

You Leave Dogs in Bathroom?

I discourage pet owners from leaving any of your dog pets in your bathroom. Sadly, most of us homeowners, that’s what we’ve grown up knowing. 

But why? Well, bathroom materials are not truly soundproof and thus won’t absorb harsh sounds from getting into or outside the space. Related: How to Soundproof Barn Doors

However, ensure to Soundproof the dog crate in the warm months e.g. August (in Southwestern U.S.) as this’s when firestorms and thunderstorms will be frequent.

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