How to Soundproof Barn Doors Easily!

In this post, I’ll be discussing how soundproof barn doors in your home easily and cheaply. Definitely, Barn Doors will let a lot of noise get through these pieces of doors. Soundproof Barn Doors

Summary: To soundproof a barn door, use door sweeps, solid core barn door, use thick noise reducing curtains, install sound-absorbing blankets, acoustical barn door, over-sized door, door sweep, weatherstrip, board on the bottom. 

Soundproof panels are easy to hang with strips – and thus you won’t need nails or strips that might damage your barn doors. But, you can use nails/screws or spray adhesive if the panels tend to fall off. 

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How To Soundproof Barn Doors

1. Hang Noise-Blocking Double Curtains

Install double curtain rods and hang two thick curtains to reduce the noise going through the barn door. The curtains will form a noise barrier in its double layer. 

I know that single-panel doors are the ones recommended for doors but for noise-reduction ensure to use the double-panel curtains like the Nicetown Full Shading. 

However, ensure that the door curtains cover the door fully – in its width and length too. Also, make sure the curtains cover the door frames and any space that’s left between them. 

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2. Use Soundproof Panels 

Soundproof panels have enough density and thickness will help block sounds and noise that might pass through the barn doors. Luckily, most homeowners find soundproof panels easy to use. 

You’ll achieve even better soundproofing if you get soundproof panels that have materials with higher weight and density such as Fiberglass Acoustics. The materials contain molded glass fiber. 

However, get the soundproof panels that have the correct materials. For example, some of these may barely limit the airborne noise and room echo – but it won’t be effective in sound-proofing. 

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3. Use Sound-Absorbing or Acoustic Blankets 

Acoustic Blank will help absorb excessive sounds and noise landing on your barn door – which will make even the rooms have better sound if you’re into music production. 

Considering any room including studios with barn doors, using the sound blankets will allow the absorption of reflections of sound and noise while also eliminating room reverb. 

Acoustic blankets work easily to remove any reverberations, echo, unnecessary noise that would be bouncing off the barn door or other walls. 

So, simply hang the tick Acoustic blankets. Also, equally great are the Moving Blankets (some are multi-layered) since they are cheap and will absorb most of the sounds and noises hitting the barn door. 

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4. Get Some Moving Blanket

Next, you can use the heavy moving blanks to soundproof your door barns – they’ll absorb the excessive noise – comparable to acoustic curtains. 

They’re are versatile in that you’ll simply need to hang them on your curtain rods or just tack them on the barn doors. I would also advise you to use 2 or more of the blanket to achieve more effectiveness. 

The Supreme brand is loved by homeowners for being thicker and heavier compared to others in the same category. Also, ensure that it has grommets as this will allow it to hang better. 

5. Cover Any Gap at the Bottom of the barn door

Check for gaps larger than 3 millimeters at the bottom edge of the barn door – these could definitely allow some noise to get past the door.

Therefore, throw some fabric or towel over the bottom gap to reduce the amount and frequency of noise going past your barn door. Despite that this might be a little step -its worth a try. 

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Here’s how to soundproof barn doors – in addition, ensure that the materials with soundproof panels won’t have irritants and allergens as these could be dangerous to babies and kids. It’s heavier & expensive compared to the foam panels. 

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