Top 7 Best Fogger for Spiders 2024

Each house or at least every compound suffers some form of insect infestation. While some come in as a mere domestic nuisance, arachnids like Spiders may pose a risk to your family, owing to their poisonous nature.

Best Fogger for Spiders

That is why you need to be armed with the best fogger for spiders to guarantee your family’s safety. Do you need foggers for spiders when some of their species are harmless?

Not all spiders are indeed poisonous, but, that notwithstanding their infestation can turn your home maintenance efforts into a nightmare.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Fogger for Spiders 2024

1. Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The Raid Concentrated Fogger is arguably one of the most effective spider bombs in the market.

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It has one of the most formidable penetration capacities because a single spray can effectively permeate all nooks and cranny, killing spiders and other domestic bugs.

Although Raid was originally manufactured to kill cockroaches and ants, it has been found to have a lethal effect on spiders, scorpion, wasps, and other poisonous invaders.

The fogger’s power is not limited to killing insects, but instead, it wipes out all form insect life in their breeding spaces. By this, you will effectively wipe out the insect eggs and the other insect growth stages.

This spray does not leave back any stains, wetness, or messy residue and you can fumigate up to 625 sq ft of open space with 1.5 oz.

It is quite economical because it keeps eliminating the insects for up to two months. Spiders are resiliently industrious at building their webs, making it difficult or expensive to keep your house clean.


  • Has high penetration capacity
  • No residues or stains
  • Kills for longer


  • Only ideal for closes spaces

2. Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger

The Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger comes with an odor neutralizer to ensure that you spray and kill the bugs without struggling with a pungent smell that may easily trigger allergies.

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In this product, you have dry fog that stays in the air while manoeuvring deep into the crevices, cracks, and inside domestic appliances to poison all invading bugs on contact.

This fogger, as its name goes, is a no-nonsense insect annihilator. It wipes out a wide variety of household insects including spiders, mosquitos, ants, pillbugs, houseflies, earwigs, roaches, flying moths, gnats, and dog ticks fleas, grain beetles, firebrats waterbugs, palmetto bugs, carpenter ants, silverfish, crickets, and rice weevils.

Hot Shot is an odorless, non-staining fumigant that guarantees no messy residues on your floor tiles, ceiling, upholstery, carpets, bedcovers, walls, drapes, wood floors, furniture, and more.

It thrives on a dry formula, which means you won’t have to turn off the pilot lights. The product can spray up to 2000 cubic ft of space clear space and continue killing for a minimum of six weeks.


  • Kills different types of bugs
  • Comes with an odor neutralizer
  • Leaves no mess


  • May leave behind a mild smell after, say, two hours.

3. Spectracide 100046128 Indoor Fogger

Spectracide indoor fogger is formulated to give a fine mist that penetrates to infiltrate insect hideouts to flush and eventually kill them. It has a lethal effect that kills most insects on contact.

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In just two hours after spraying, you will see hundreds of insects sprawling dead on the floor with many others in distress since the fogger kills them systematically.

Some of the insects that easily fall victim to this deadly arsenal are roaches, spiders, houseflies, brown dog ticks, ants, silverfish fleas, and more.

Unlike some foggers, it leaves back no stains or lingering odor because of its water-based formula.

This means that everything in your house, including drapes, bedspreads, clothing, clothing, furniture, and linen, will not be affected by the spray in any way.

Generally, all your household items are safe.

Since the fogger is designed to combat intense infestations, you are solemnly advised not to spray rooms measuring 5feet x 5feet or smaller.

You can cover approximately 2000 cubic ft with one spray can. Also, turn off pilot lights and electrical appliances like thermostats and refrigerators before the bombing.


  • Kills fast
  • Penetrates deep to kill hidden insects
  • Safe on all household belongings


  • Must turn off all ignition sources

4. Black Flag Concentrated Fogger

With a capacity to fumigate up to 2000 cubic ft, of free space, the black flag concentrated fogger has shown its effectiveness in combating spiders, scorpions, and other pests that lurk around your home.

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Typically, it kills on contact, but its potency can run on for some weeks. The product is ideal for use in basements, apartments, garages, and other home storage areas.

Black Flag Concentrated Fogger is a killer bullet for German cockroaches, silverfish, house flies, firebrats, brown dog ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and more. Importantly, it also kills

  • Spiders (apart from the brown recluse)
  • Ants (except Pharaoh, harvester, fire, and carpenter ants)

It is formulated to work without leaving a trace of ugly residues or wetness. This means that your wall, floor, clothing, and other household items are at no risk of damage.

Containing 6 or 1.25oz foggers, the Black flag is likable due to the fresh scent that it leaves in its wake.

As a word of caution, before you spray

  1. Put away all foodstuffs and utensils
  2. Cover waxed furniture
  3. Cover plastic surfaces near the fogger


  • Kills fast
  • Gives a fresh scent after
  • Sprays a wide area


  • May not kill roaches and fleas as fast as you would expect

5. Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger

Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger has Pyrethrin, which derives from chrysanthemums and it has shown to be a powerful insect killer.

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You can effectively use it to eradicate spider mites, fungus gnats, whiteflies, aphids, and more.

If it is used appropriately, this fogger is suitable to use in indoor gardens and green-houses. What’s more, it does not affect plants, even vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals.

Using this product around your garden ensures that you harvest toxic-free fruits and vegetables. It is so safe to use it around your garden even one day for the harvest exercise.

A single can, equivalent to three ounces of the fogger’s concentrated formula can fumigate way up to 3000 cubic ft of unobstructed space.


  • Kills and controls all types of spiders
  • Fumigates 3000 cubic ft of free space
  • Ideal for outdoors application


  • May work slower on some insects.

6. Hot Shot Indoor Fogger with Odor Neutralizer

If you are allergic to insecticide smell, this product is the one you need to buy to eliminate spiders, scorpions, fleas roaches, ants, and more.

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It is infused with a neutralizer to minimize the side effects on your family and pets.

Additionally, it does not leave back any residues or wet stains. This means that your furniture, clothing, and just about every item in your house is safe under this fogger.

It is more encouraging that you don’t need to turn off pilot lights as you set off the bug bombs since its fog is not dry.

After spraying, its effect on insects can run up to 2 months. It is ideal for enclosed areas like garages, single rooms, campers. storage areas, crawlspaces, basements, sheds, attics, and more

Unlike other products in this category, the Hot Shot Indoor Fogger with Odor Neutralizer is presented in four-packs. A single bomb can effectively fumigate 2000 cubic ft of enclosed clear space.

Always ensure to bomb an open space because obstructions such as a large furniture item can easily compromise the fogger’s effectiveness.


  • Leaves no wetness or residue
  • It’s in packs of four.
  • Continues to kill for over 60 days


  • Ideal for enclosed spaces

7. Terro 16 oz. Spider Killer Aerosol Spray

The Terro 16 oz. Spider Killer Aerosol Spray is among the deadliest spider killers you can find in the market today.

The product package contains two spray bottles of spray with a lethal effect on a diverse range of spiders including the hobo spiders, brown recluse, and the black widow.

This product also eliminates centipedes, Asian Lady beetles, bedbugs, palmetto bugs, grain beetles, mosquitos, ants, pillbugs, houseflies, earwigs, crickets, roaches, flying moths, gnats, dog ticks, fleas, firebrats rice weevils, waterbugs, carpenter ants, silverfish.

Terro Aerosol Spray kills all insects on contact, but the one advantage it has over similar products is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

It leverages the combined power of deltamethrin and Pyrethrins to knock down insects fast with prolonged killing power.

Therefore, you can buy it and kill spiders and other insects in your basement, garages, single rooms, campers, backyard, barns, storage areas, crawlspaces, basements, sheds, attics, and more.


  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Kills instantly
  • Use the combined power of deltamethrin and Pyrethrins.


  • Strong smell


Well, now that you have a full list of the best fogger for spiders, insects should not harm or subject you to sleepless nights anymore.

Click on the product button, head straight to Amazon, and get yourself one right away.

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