7 Best USB Hub for iMac in 2024

The best USB hub for iMac will house extra ports for connecting additional peripherals like voice-acting microphones, flash drives, external hard drives, mouse, or keyboard. Best USB Hub for iMac

So, the device will extend your music production iMac’s capability, and thus you’ll gain excellent versatility while working.

The market has a variety of USB hub models, including Anker, Sentey, or Sabrent…but, which is the best? Let’s find out! Read Also: Best External SSD for Mac.

Rnd Down: 7 Best USB Hub for iMac in 2024

1. Anker 3.0 10-Port 60W iMac USB Hub

Anker 3.0 10-Port is the top recommendation as my best USB hub – its reliable, compact, plus its many ports are appropriately placed and named – great design and usability.

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Further, Anker 3.0 10-Port equally has 3 charging ports (the high-sped type), has many USB 3.0 data ports, and it’s smaller. Ports face up, and thus plugs and cables will take up less space on the desk.

Besides, each of its 7 data ports has an LED indicator, and they’re upward-facing, allowing easy access and usage compared to the side-facing ports.

Further, its 3 PowerIQ ports will charge you devices such as iPads at a 2.1 amps capacity. This will draw power using a separate wall plug (60-watt).

So, Anker 3.0 10-Port will enable you to expand the iMac’s USB ports to a maximum readily. It allows a 5Gbps data-transfer rate in its seven ports, like for transferring data from music video cameras.

Anker 3.0 10-Port has excellent usability thanks to its great design & portability. You’ll love the surge protector that’s on-board to have your gadgets running without damage from fluctuating power.

The device offers compact 60W power in the small USB hub for your iMac. Thus you can quickly transfer your day while also charging different devices while taking up limited space.

It allows a painless and quick set up process. Simply get the device from the packaging and the connect A-to-B USB cable to your iMac and the USB hub before connecting it to a power source.

  • LED indicators for each USB Hub port
  • It’s great for anyone who’s tried of USB ports running out and doesn’t want to fumble at the back their iMac
  • A simple and innovative design (compact for its excellent power)
  • Fast data transfer – offers 5Gbps maximum on MacBook.
  • Offers 7 USB ports plus 3 fast-charging ports
  • Not cheap

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2. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub

Sabrent 4-Port is an equally amazing iMac USB hub that’s made from Aluminum with a 9.5 inches protected-connection length for the safety of the USB hub and the client.

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub Check Current Price

Sabrent 4-Port has a beautiful Macintosh-like finish that’ll easily match that of your iMac or MacBook. Also, it offers a 480 Mbps data transfer rate that’ll be great for video editing laptops.

Further, Sabrent 4-Port is simple to install and use – and its thin profile ensures that it takes less space on the desk, and hence it’s easy to store.

You won’t have to twist the cables to access the vertical ports. The ports in this USB hub are ergonomically placed. So, you’ll conveniently add some USB 3.0 ports to the iMac.

Therefore, you can readily connect your printers, flash drives, external hard drives, phones, and digital youtube cameras as it won’t need additional software.

The device is simple to install, plus you’ll love the sleek or slim aluminum design. However, the ports won’t charge your iPad, and the hard-drives (external) require correction to a power source.

Just plug in the USB hub to the iMac’s USB port are the back allowing the device to work excellently with your gadgets. But the USB hub ports won’t charge the iPad.


  • Satechi 4-Port hub will fit and work excellently with any 27-inch iMac.
  • It looks both reliable and beautiful
  • Compatible or works with different devices
  • Sabrent 4-Port feels and looks great – which matches your iMac’s texture.
  • It’s designed to reduce cable tangling and mess


  • Won’t charge the iPad

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3. EC Tec 4-Port Premium USB 3.0 Aluminium HUB

Just plugin the EC Tec 4-Port to the iMac allowing you to readily triple the number of USB ports available. The hub has a minimalist and clean white build.

EC Tec 4-Port Premium USB 3.0 Aluminium HUB Check Price on Amazon

EC Tec 4-Port is suitable for both iMac and mackbooks. Its ultra-fast USB allow fast data, ducmnet snd file transfer while the Micro-B power port deliver steady charge.

The hub’s aluminum finish makes it look like a unique extension of the Windows PC (with most Windows versions like 8 / 8.1) or iMac with Mac OS.

The hub will give you a high (5Gbps) data transfer rate, and thus, it’ll be easy to move your files, document, and data. Further, it’ll require no unique software or drivers to install or use.

You’ll enjoy the anti-jamming feature thank to the USB hub’s built-in cable while also providing and stable charging experience for your high-power devices.


  • Further, the smart USB hub is a small-bodied aluminum device that has rounded corners to match those of your MacBook or iMac.
  • It’ll give you alerts of the power usage plus it gets you safe and steady power transmission in the 5V Micro port.
  • Also, it’s light-weight (2.65oz) and thus very movable.


  • However, this one won’t also charge your iPad.

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4. Anker USB 3.0 4-Port Aluminum USB Hub

Anker USB 3.0 4-Port is also suitable, thin and fictional USB hubs that’ll add 4 extra USB 3.0 ports (at a budget) to the iMacs or other computers.

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Anker USB 3.0 4-Port has an excellent design with a 3.0 * 1.03 * 1.0 inches. Also, its 4 ports (USB 3.0) are ergonomcally positioned on the side and they have a power icon to idncate charging status.

The USB hub works as required but lacks additional ports such as the SD card slot, USB-C, or HDMI. However, it has a premium look, and it will be great for traveling.

Anker USB 3.0 4-Port will be compatible with most of your USB devices simultaneously, including flash drives, Chromebooks, iMacs, external HDD, MacBooks, and Notebook PCs.

Further, this Anker USB hub won’t need an external power connection to function. But it’ll still output adequate power on its port running to your devices.

  • The device is reliable, functional, usable, and thin.
  • Offers 5Gbps data-transfer rate which is super-fast
  • A small-sized USB hub that’s portable for traveling
  • The minimalist and thin USB hub made with an aluminum finish will excellently match your iMac
  • Regardless, it’s also a budget-friendly with long connector cables and reliable switches.
  • None

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So, on the best USB hub for iMac, I recommend the Anker 3.0 10-Port as its highly usable, portable and has a great plus attractive finish.

Any of these USB hubs will be great for connecting your streak drives, external HDD, phone, or advanced camera. Also, some of the devices that’ll connect to iPads or even allow super-charging.

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