Macbook Pro Touch bar – Music Productivity!

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Increases productivity in Music MakingHi Guys. I recently purchased MacBook Pro and I love its Touch bar – located above the keyboard. Also, Apple released an update allowing the use of the touch bar (for some of the best Mac for music production) with the Logic Pro X. 

Today, I’ll explore how you can use the touch bar to increase your productivity in music production. Check these WiFi Extenders for Verizon FiOS. 

Overall: The touch bar in MacBook Pro is a great addition for producers and audio engineers. Imagine using the touch bar as a mixing control surface (for solo/ mute), MIDI controller, or a transport bar.

Touch Bar to Increases productivity in Music Production

In Logic, this touch bar allows one to edit various parameters in the software. Interestingly, the parameters have been clustered into 4 key tabs. 

Its usefulness in word processing or video editing is in question – but I believe it’s highly useful in making music. Read Also: Laptops for FL Studio.

1st Tab – Track volume level

The first table allows you to control the track volume level and the plugins in the signal chain. The great touch will allow you to control third-party plugins such as the wave’s C1 Compressor, which I am using while writing this post. 

2nd Tab – Transports cover across

The 2nd Tab on the touch bar allows you to transports cover across the touch bar. From my personal experience, this feature allowed me to easily move my projects around. 

I understand that professional producers could still do the same by simply using some quick key commands. However, the tough bad works great for me. Read Also: Bass Compressor Pedal.

3rd Tab – Loop and plays buttons

The 3rd tab has the loop and plays buttons in addition to the location select button. Notably, the font tab enables one to view the recording parameters like the inputs & input monitor on the software instruments.

4th Tab – Small keyboard across Top

An additional tab will appear that’ll bring up a small keyboard across the top of the touch bar. Notably, the small keyboard could be helpful in the programming of simple drum beats in the small buttons. However, it cannot detect velocity metrics.

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The feature I love l love most about the touch bar is using it to control volume through the touchscreen fader without connecting any external MIDI controller or iPad. Further, it’s more natural and faster compared to clicking using the mouse.

In addition, controlling plug-in parameters is an amazing experience. But for others such as Charlie Q, it would be great to able to adjust the frequency in the cube as opposed to only the game van.

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