7 Best Bass Compressor Pedal 2024

If you are interested in seamless music playing experience you might want to consider getting Best Bass Compressor Pedals. Compressors allow you to balance guitar signals to give a more consistent sound. Best Bass Compressor Pedal

If you’re one of those that crave clean tones while doing hammer-on, tapping, sweep picking, and pull-off or other music techniques then Bass Compressor Pedals should be on your music equipment list.

Summary: A bass compressor allows you to effectively control your voice while performing. Its dynamic ranges help your voice remain lively, more focused, and controlled.

Reviews: 7 Best Bass Compressor Pedals in 2024 

1. MXR M87 Bass Compressor – Our Top Pick

Our top position for Best Bass Compressor Pedals is taken up by this amazing and easy to use a compressor. The MXR M87 offers an excellent mix of quality audio, affordability, durability and it’s highly versatile. 

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The M87 is highly applauded in the music industry for its variety of features and amazing controls which allow you to fine-tune your sound accordingly.

The instrument has an attack and release button which allows you to adjust your compression type. Also, the input and output button makes it easier to adjust what is going in and out. The ratio knob allows you to set an appropriate ratio for compression.

The MXR bass compressor is fully analog but will give a significant boost to your instrument.

You’ll love the GAIN REDUCTION LED which will give you a clear visual clue of the gain reduction in your instrument. Most compressor pedals lack this feature, hence, making the MXR M87 stand out among others.

The M87 comes loaded with an instruction manual that is extremely helpful as it gives clear guidelines on how to set up your instrument quickly. Thus, making it the best bass compressor pedals for beginners.

Many musicians including live performers and those on recording studio praise the M87 because of its transparent nature. I love the fact that it doesn’t alter the tone, hence you get to hear and feel your sound more clearly. 

2. Ampeg Guitar Compression Effects Pedal (Opto Comp)

Ampeg Opto Comp is one of the simplest and effective compressor rigs you could get your hands on. 

Ampeg Guitar Compression Effects Pedal (Opto Comp) Check Price On Amazon

If you’re a beginner in compression, you’ll love the simplicity of this amazing pedal instrument. This Opto Comp incorporates three knobs- including compression, release, and output.

The compression knob allows you to set your preferred ratio limit (you can go up to 20:1). The release knob lets you dial for pumping but smooth sound. While the output knob allows you to adjust the sound going in and out.

You’ll appreciate the amazing onboard LEDs as they let you get a visual representation of all your actions. The green LED informs you of the compression level while the purple LED tells you it’s ready for use.

What I love most about the Opto Comp is the fact that it’s both transparent and subtle in sound allowing you to attain excellent dynamic range.

The Ampeg Opto Comp is a valuable optical compressor pedal that is simple, transparent, and easy to use. Its price is friendly and is ideal for those on a budget. 

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3. Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer Pedal- Best Budget

Just like Ampeg Opto Comp, the Boss LMB-3 Bass is a great choice for those on a budget. This compressor pedal is inexpensive, yet extremely reliable. 

Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer Pedal- Best Budget Check Price On Amazon

Don’t get turned off by the limiter label, a limiter is a compressor with a high ratio. Meaning its threshold is quite high, thus only the higher peaks get affected.

However, it’s good to know that you can easily adjust your LMB-3 ratio from 1:1, 2:1, 8:1 up to 1 which is considered a hard peak limit.

So in essence, the LMB-3 covers a wide variety of dynamic response compared to most compressor pedals

4. Keeley EQ Effects Pedal

The Bassist Compressor employs a special IC chip (THAT Corporation 4320). This IC chipsets this compressor apart because of its powerful integrated circuit which you can only find in studio-grade compressors. 

Keeley EQ Effects Pedal Check Price On Amazon

You’ll appreciate the few controls that this Bassist compressor has to offer. It features an on/off button, compression, threshold, and gain. As such, it’s unbelievably easy to use.

This compressor is powered using a 9v power supply or a 9v battery. You can set your compression from 1:1 to 1: infinity. You can easily set the threshold control with your eyes or ears. If you want your compression at a lower level, just turn your threshold button counterclockwise.

To know if you have reached compression the indicator LED will change from green to red. You’ll use the gain knob to modify the output level. You can also use the gain knob as a booster when turned up higher or it can compensate for a reduction in compression.

If you want a simple yet effective pedal compressor to choose the Bassist. This pedal is ideal for conventional use and will give you an array of sounds from snappy to smooth. The good thing is that it’s very transparent, hence, blocks unwanted color, sustain, or tone to your performance.

5. Markbass Tube Bass Compressore

Markbass Compressore is not limited only to bass, it can be used with other instruments. But, the bass is the most ideal when using the instrument. Although it’s quite expensive, it gives a return on investment because of its warm tonal character. 

Markbass Tube Bass Compressore Check Price On Amazon

This compressor uses tubes and utilizes them during compression compared to other instruments that employ tubes during the gain stage.

The Compressore is designed using rugged, solid features, hence guarantees quality sound and operationally.

You’ll love the various controls that this pedal offers. It features the threshold knob that sets the compression level. The ratio controls the amount of the compression, while the attack manages the speed of the sound. The release button adjusts the sound decompression.


Further, you can use it during live performances or in a recording studio. Thus, we’ve done an analysis and reviewed the best Bass Compressor Pedals. Related: 7 Best Midi Keyboard for Ableton Live

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