7 Best Midi Keyboard for Ableton Live 2024

What’s the best midi keyboard for Ableton? You can substitute a whole production team with just ….you, an Ableton Live MIDI controller, and your soundcards / audio interfaces. Best Midi Keyboard for Ableton Live

But, clearly, Ableton live Midi Keyboards are not created equal. I’ve reviewed the Best Midi Keyboard for Ableton Live.

Summary: I recommend Akai Professional APC40 MKII or the M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV for a seamless workflow with top efficiency and versatility. You can now produce top-quality compositions in addition to reorganizing or remixing your live set. Related: 7 Free Autotune vst Plugins

Reviews: 7 Best Midi Keyboard for Ableton in 2024

1. Akai Professional APC40 MKII with Ableton Live – #1 Pick

Top on the list is the Best Midi Keyboard for Ableton Live is this Akai APC40 Mk2 – which is a gig-ready unit (popularly knows as a ‘live’ controller), has RGB LEDs and a new classic design (functional and sleek).

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APC40 Mk2 is built mainly to playback clips with Live session. With the RGB, you can get color feedback from the different assignable colors in the Live session. Luckily, you can color-code various clips to you match your taste.

You can assign channels to its crossfader on both sides easily in addition to having a Session Record button. APC40 Mk2 has a tempo control knob that is dedicated just like the Nudge and Tap Tempo buttons, and this simplifies Live set mixing. Further, to prevent accidental activation, APC40 Mk2 has smaller Clip Stop buttons.

Also, the 8 endless rotary knobs have been moved to just above APC40 Mk2’s channel strips – and for starters, it’s used to control sends and pans. Luckily, this APC40 Mk2 is USB powered and thus highly portable – compared to its predecessor that needed a large wall-wart.

Luckily, this APC40 Mk2 is USB powered and thus highly portable – compared to its predecessor that needed a large wall-wart. It has 8 device controls, a master fader, 8 channel faders, and many pads (5×8). Check SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3.

Overall, I love APC40 Mk2 mainly for its great visual feedback – where its controls are matching to the Ableton’s layout and hence it’s simple to view various workflows. Check the APC40 Mk2 operation down below.

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2. M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV MIDI Controller – #2 Pick

Next on the line is this M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV – which is a 25 key MIDI controller that is USB powered. The MIDI controller is feature-rich – with rotaries to control VST plugin effects, the velocity-sensitive drum pads. This is portable.

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Thus you won’t have to separately purchase a drum pad or control surface with faddles. It has transport control – so you can go between your tracks, record, start-stop, etc. Also, it has two amazing pitch and mode view.

You hit the auto function, on Ableton, you can quickly go through various tracks on the set – drums, bass guitars, vocals, etc. You can control the levels of various tracks using the controller.

It’s possible to control different effects parameters – delays, EQs, Reverbs, etc. Simply program beats using the velocity-sensitive pads. So, just plug in the controller, have the software installed and you’re set to go.

Also, the transport controls allow one to press stop or play and record with no mouse. Its keys are soft which makes it have the feel of a normal electronic/ synthesizer keyboard.

Its synth-weighted keys have a great feeling using. This controller has 8 drum pads that are great to touch. It has standard rotary knobs (8 in total), the endless type of knobs that are amazing for live shows and concerts.

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3. Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard

I truly love how fast I can assign things with this Novation Impulse 49. It allows the user to easily interact with the interface and create great workflows. Also, it’s very stable and sturdy for a Midi Controller Keyboard. It has not frozen on my work.

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Also, on its screen you’ll find 20 varied presets that one can save – and it has built-in presets such as massive and for the ultra-Nova, supernova. On the buttons at the bottom, you can assign them to things such as the JU-06.

It has 8 rotary knobs that you can assign to various things, full LCD screen (on transport section), and 55-millimeter faders (9 in total). Its drum pads, the Novation Impulse 49 has LED backlight with amber, red and green – to show if you’re active, muted, or if it’s being used as a trigger.

It also USB powered – coming with two inputs for sustained or an expression pedals. It comes, out the box, with Ableton live to produce immediately.

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With a MIDI controller, you can record the MIDI data into your favorite Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Released in the 2000s, Ableton Live (a DAW), serves as the home production suite and works great for live performances. Let’s dive right in…But first, here’s a MIDI Controller Setup.

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