Ototo Dentaku – Make Music from Anything

Ototo.FM is an excellent all-round musical invention kit that enables anyone to effectively create an instrument (with Raspbrrey SD card) – an innovative PCB-based synthesizer.

ototo by dentaku : PCB synthesizer for DIY musical instruments

The ototo synthesizer enables anyone to combine touch-pads, input/output, and sensors to effectively create DIYers electric musical instrument with effectively no electronics experience.

With the synthesizer, you can make DIY musical instruments like vocals from plants, saxophones from drainpipes, or even drum sets from your saucepan like music video cameras.

The PCB synthesizer is the device’s core – it’s about the size or larger than your regular cassette tape – working like some musical keyboard right away from the box.

You can connect the Ototo synthesize to some conductive material using crocodile clips, and this helps bring up some sounds – just like with music production Mac.

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