7 Best 49 Key MIDI Controller 2024

Last week I reviewed the best midi keyboard controller. In this post, I’ve reviewed the best 49 Key Midi Controllers. Best 49 Key MIDI Controller

49 Key Midi Controllers will provide the most features and value if you need making beats or just sampling synth or VST.

For starters, the MIDI keyboard (with 25, 49, or 88 keys) is a MIDI controller with its built-in keyboard.

Reviews: 7 Best 49 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards 2024

1. Akai Professional MPK249 USB MIDI Keyboard

Starting our list of the best 49 key midi controller is the Akai Professional MPK249. It’s one of the music-making gear you’ll find an expert producer’s studio. It’s no surprise as Akai maintains quality in all its gear, such as LPK25 and MPCs.

Best 49 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards Check Price On Amazon

The new LCD monitor will display some critical data that is processed by the Digital audio workstation. It’s both durable and versatile – I love the faders, keys, and pads.

It comes with the full-size keyboard that has semi-weighted keys with polyphonic pressure that offer the aftertouch – I found them easier to play contrasted to synth-action keys.

I approve of the quality of this Akai’s features. For example, it has robust faders; its knobs come with great resistance while the pads are adopted from the Music Production Center (MPC) drum machine.

It comes with arpeggiator (for extra melodic ideas), MPC Swing, transport controls, USB/iOS modes, and MPC Note Repeat to allow melodic and rhythmic manipulation. The Classic MPC Swing allows organic and tight groove – MPC workflow.

While at it, you’ll get all the controller options – 16 pads, eight switches, eight knobs, and eight faders. Further, it has RGB backlit that will help you to identify sounds.

Its fully-weighted keys and light and hence will be great for extended playing time – even for beginner or noob artists. Also, its knobs and faders come with three banks, and thus it’s possible to give them 24 functions.

2. Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller

Novation Launchkey 49 USB Controller comes built-in In-Control that will readily adapt the control to different music software and has custom scripts (like Launchkey MK2) matching both the Image-Line FL Studio & Propellerhead Reason.

Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller Check Price On Amazon

It’s classified like the class-compliant MIDI controller that’ll work great with iOS, and hence it’s possible to play synth apps. Further, you can use its keyboard’s Track keys to switch between the Launchpad app and the Launchkey app.

This MIDI keyboard controller is highly suited for Ableton Live and will work with all different MIDI software. The positive of this 49 keys MIDI controller is iOS compatible, scrips for FL Studio & Reason, in addition to allowing dynamic in-control mappings.

This USB bus-powered MIDI Controller Keyboards are both portable (for gigs) and awesome used for in-studio music production.

I noted that its faders & knobs are tight. Therefore, this unit will be great both for live performances and music production – when using Ableton Live.

3. Nektar Panorama P4 49-key MIDI Controller Keyboard

Nektar Panorama P4, with 93 real-time controls, allows a producer to feel like they are doing real-time hardware controlling.

Nektar Panorama P4 49-key MIDI Controller Keyboard Check Price On Amazon

For better creativity and performance, the MIDI Keyboard allows you to control different MIDI hardware, virtual instruments, and Rewired DAWs.

I noticed that the MIDI Keyboard has a balanced, sensitive, dynamic, and solid pad & keyboard. It allows integration with DAWs such as Reaper, Reason, Logic Pro, Nuendo, and Bitwig Studio.

It has a colored TFT screen (3.5”) to show various menus and modes for your workflow. It allows more Controls such as 12 pads, expression pedal jack, 28 buttons, 10 LED buttons, footswitch jack, 100 mm ALPS fader, 9 – 45 mm faders, and 16 encoders.

Nektar Panorama P4 has a seamless connection between Reason and itself – and thus, you can switch between Transport, Device, and Mixer controlling.

Further, the keyboard and keys are amazingly balanced by reducing increasing tension – with a wider dynamic range that allows easier control of the high & low velocity-values.

It has an extended 11 button transport bar that you can use whenever required. Further. It allows QWERTY shortcuts you can use to activate different software functions – and thus, you’ll not always require using your computer.

4. M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 MIDI Keyboard Controller

This Keystation 49 MK3 is a great USB MIDI controller that comes with the appropriate controls. It has comprehensive controls and 49 velocity-sensitive keys.

M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 MIDI Keyboard Controller Check Price On Amazon

With the 1/4” sustain pedal input where you may use any external control pedal like the premium M-Audio SP2 to allow genuine piano sustain.

For on-the-go music production, you’ll find the Keystation 49 MK3 amazingly durable, light, portable, and compact. Also, it’s compatible with iOS, and thus, you can compose and perform music on your iOS devices or iPad.

It’ll play virtual instruments and sequencing music on your Windows or Mac computers.

It has assigned directional and transport controls to enable recording, performing, and playing through music software with no trackpad or mouse.

You can get electric piano sounds through the AIR Music Technology soft-synths – Velvet, seven acoustic-piano sounds, and Mini Grand.

5. Samson Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller

Samson’s Carbon 49 has a Rhodes or Piano look, has data knob, pitch wheel, and modulation wheel – however, it’s not appropriate for outdoor gigs.

Samson Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller Check Price On Amazon

It’s great for young creators and expert musicians. You can use Carbon 49 with your chosen MIDI apps and with the iPad stand. It comes with 49 velocity-sensitive keys that enable accurately capture the performance of dynamics.

6. Korg microKEY air 49 – Key Bluetooth and USB MIDI Controller

Further, they’ll take additional control boards and plugins to create more effects. An extension to the extra octave allows extra sounds, control, and functionality.

Korg microKEY air 49 - Key Bluetooth and USB MIDI Controller Check Price On Amazon

The 49 Key Midi Controllers offer a larger playing range than 25 key MIDI keyboards, lighter & smaller compared to 88 key MIDI keyboards. It takes up lesser studio space (than the 88 key option) but provides extra keys.

Summary: The 49 Key Midi Controller has become the standard among all keyboard controllers – it’s loved by both intermediate & advanced artists.

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