7 Best Pump Sprayers for Staining Fences 2024

Using the best pump sprayers for staining fences will be both less labor- and time-intensive compared to using a roller or brush. But the roller and roller trends push your painting material deeper into the wood. Best Pump Sprayers for Staining Fences

You should stain or paint your wood fence (with exterior decking stain) every 2-3 years as the wood will be exposed to many elements – and thus staining or painting will increase its durability. 

On quantity, you’ll require one gallon of stain for painting smaller fences of roughly 175 square feet. But you’ll need about 2 to 4 gallons of stain to paint larger fences of a maximum of 700 square feet.

But should you pressure wash your fence prior to painting?  Well, YES, pressure-wash the fences to remove grime, dust, dirt, and old finish(es) as these may ultimately show through the stained surfaces. 

7 Best Pump Sprayers for Staining Fences in 2024

1. Graco-Ultra Max 17M367 Handheld or Cordless Airless Fence Paint Sprayer

Graco-Ultra Max 17M367 is also a cordless airless sprayer that’s relatively on the higher-end side with excellent performance and it’s equally durable. It is lightweight and will generate about 500 PSI – 2,000 PSI thanks to the stainless steel and carbide components. 

Graco-Ultra Max 17M367 Handheld or Cordless Airless Fence Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

You can use a spray tip size range from .0.08 inches to 0.16 inches – and further, the Lithium-Ion (DeWalt XR) in the sprayer is super reliable plus it has the DeWalt charger – you can use a battery charge to apply a gallon of fence stain including spraying hot solvents.

Graco-Ultra Max 17M367 has cordless capability with its tough features. Every battery will provide 1-hour spraying service. The device has a Pro-Connect piston pump great for DIYers – you won’t require any technical equipment for assembly – only some screwdriver.

The sprayer offers great versatility for your various DIY painting tasks to give you a solid finish. The device will easily handle materials such as latex-based paints, chalk, solvents, enamels, sealers, and stains plus flammable liquids.

Graco-Ultra Max 17M367 will readily spray solvents and hot lacquers – also due to the spark-prevention system and the hydraulic system being sealed. The 514 spray tip is suitable for expansive areas while the 210 tips are recommended for that fine finish.

The flexLiner system and also FlexLiner bags reduces the need for post-job cleanups. But you’ll require to acquire many replacement FlexLiners bags – but they may be re-used.

  • Changeable tips (0.008 inches to .016 inches) for a different spray pattern 
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning – piston and hose with the FlexiLiner bag and FlexiLiner system 
  • The fence staining device offers better pressure control giving you that great finish with its excellent paint flow.
  • While you’re using various staining and painting materials, you can easily adjust the sprayer pressure for consistent coverage.
  • The device’s piston pump (Triax triple) with stainless steel is super reliable – it won’t fairly easily and it also starts fast – you won’t experience tear and wear – it’s also lightweight.


  • None

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2. Graco-Magnum 262800-X5 Stand Airless Adjustable Pressure Paint Sprayer

Graco 262800-X5 is a precision sprayer that offers efficiency and accuracy – it offers great control and thus allows better accuracy in the fence staining process. The various tip sizes (including 0.017 tip) reduce the case of clogging even from the latex paint.

Graco-Magnum 262800-X5 Stand Airless Adjustable Pressure Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

Graco 262800-X5 is wonderful for painting your furniture, houses, walls including large-scale DIY staining projects thanks to the varied pressure settings. The 75 Feet hose will allow you to reach various exterior and interior wall sprayers, structures, and homes. 

The sprayer’s RAC IV SwitchTip reduces cases of sprayer clogging – by the simple reversal of the SwitchTip. The device offers better control thanks to the adjustable settings – particularly for the pressure output. 

You’ll also get an easy cleaning and thus the sprayer’s performance won’t be affected – thanks to the “PowerFlush” adapter where you can hook some garden hose for the water to clear the tubes and pipes fast. 

Graco 262800-X5 allows easy starting as it has the “PushPrime” button – therefore you’ll save yourself from frustration while also saving time. Further, the sprayer’s suction tube is flexible enabled sucking fence paint from a 1- or 5-gallon – easy usage.

The powerful spray comes with a motor producing high ½-horsepower and this generates a fence spray at a rate of 0.27-gallons every minute. You’ll enjoy uninterrupted staining or painting (lower clogging) on your fences – also due to the RAC IV SwitchTip.

  • The devices 75-feet hose allows easy spraying on your large fence-painting project 
  • The powerful motor provided producing ½-horsepower 
  • It is a versatile sprayer whose material (paint or stain) won’t require thinning 
  • Adjsutability allows pressures flexibility 

  • Not suitable for occasional use – its costly 

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3. Chapin-International 1949 Metallic Open-Head 13200 milliliters Sprayer with Tri-Poxy tank

Chapin-International 1949 is great for spraying fences and smaller wood deck. The sprayer parts are readily available – such as the o-ring plus the pump seal kit. The sprayer is an excellent oil-based deck stain or sealer – it has a great wide pattern, and thus it’ll cover better compared to the plastic sprayer

Best Pump Sprayers for Staining Fences Check Price on Amazon

Chapin-International 1949 is one of the industrial sprayer produced by Chapin suitable for concrete – it was initially created for stain-spraying but it’s suitable for spraying paints due to its great power and excellent durability.

The sprayer can attain very high pressure compared to other models – and thus it’ll generate wide sprays while you’re staining the fence surfaces – even those hard-to-reach areas.

Despite being relatively pricey compared to other sprayer models, Chapin-International 1949 will be worth it since it’ll give you additional pressure. It’s simple to clean and fill – due to the wide mouth (4-inch) and Tri-Poxy tank (3. 5-Gallon). 

Chapin-International 1949 is loved by homeowners and professionals including for many concrete applications – but ensure to use with the provided instructions. The lock-on feature allows easy shut off in addition to the nozzle, wand,  and brass pump.

  • Very durable fence staining sprayer
  • Comes with the Tri-Lock seal allowing tight pump locking  
  • Can work with a variety of cehmicals deu to the uniquely-designed Viton gaskets and seals


  • Costly 

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4. Chapin-International 30600 Tri-Poxy tank and Ergonomic Fence or Deck Stain Sprayer

Chapin-International 30600 is a high-end fence stain sprayer effective in painting patios, fences, and wooden decks. The sprayer has a 2-gallon tank and tri-poxy steel is also resistant to corrosion with fan nozzles in the nozzle kit being 0.33 GMP, 0.5 GMP, and 0.25 GMP. 

Chapin-International 30600 Tri-Poxy tank and Ergonomic Fence or Deck Stain Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

On usability, Chapin-International 30600 comes with two hoses (heavy-duty – 42 inches & 60 inches) and a suitably ergonomic handle. For ease of cleaning, filling, and maintenance with a paintbrush – due to the funnel top. 

The sprayer can handle 50 plus per gallon of your deck stain – and this will cover about 3 – 4 boards – you’ll get many benefits including the 3-poly fan nozzles and a 4-inch wide funnel – easy handling and pumping. 

For staining your fence, you’ll need to clean the fence – either being glossy and new, you’ll require perfect cleaning. Remember that you don’t skip this step – as doing so may make the fence stain to have bad look. 

The larger projects will work well with the 60-inch hose – therefore, the hose allows the painter to cover long distances. But equally important is that the sprayer is not overly heavy plus it has a decent control system. 

Chapin-International 30600 is very portable and it won’t need a connection to some power outlet. The 2-gallon (8 qt.) is large enough for staining a large surface of the large surface. 

The HVLP Sprayer is made from lightweight steel is also rugged and sturdy – and also the sprayer’s pressure reduces cases of overspray 


  • Produces even pressure 
  • It is a high-pressure volume
  • Has a poly shut-off
  • Has a 3-inch-wide funnel top 
  • Suitable for tight spaces with the long (1 foot) extension wand
  • Material creating the sprayer makes it dent-resistant, corrosion, and rust
  • Simple pumping and carrying witht the ergonomic handle
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  • Not approved for deck staining 

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The sprayer is an airless model and hence it is suitable for spraying large outdoor surfaces including large fences. You’ll get (with the maximum control) due to the adjustable pressures and won’t require material thinning due to its stainless-steel piston pump.

You can spray roughly 125-gallons annually on your various household and fence painting projects since it has a spray tip size with the largest size being 0.015 inches.

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