7 Best Air Compressors for Spray Painting 2024

After you are done getting a good paint sprayer, you need to consider a good air compressor to spice up your painting. Getting the best air compressor for spray painting is the trickiest part. Best Air Compressors for Spray Painting

Depending on your project and the sprayer, getting a multi-purpose compressor will be the most appropriate.

Basing on the horsepower and the minimum gallon compressor, for a small project the lowest you can get is a 30-gallon compressor. See Also: Walk-Behind Grinder.

s: 7 Best Air Compressors for Spray Painting in 2024

1. DEWALT (DWFP55126) Pancake Air Compressor

The 6-gallon tank and the 165 PSI will make you have a smooth time will spraying especially if it’s a large project. On the contrary, its compressor is less noisy and quiet as compared to its counterparts.

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The powerful universal motor has the capacity to start up even during cold temperatures. It has a longer running time especially when you have a large project to undertake.

The couplers and the speed regulator enhance the air tool performance to make you achieve a professional finish. Additionally, the compressor is oil-free and therefore has a low maintenance cost.

It has an easy clean-up process and you can just drain all the air inside the tank. All you need to do is use the ball-drain valve that is located on the lower side of the compressor.

The compressor is also light to carry with an item weight of 30 pounds giving you an easy time while spraying or storing.


  • It is lightweight
  • Less noisy
  • Easy to clean-up
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick start-up even on cold temperatures
  • Hold a lot of paint, 6 gallons


  • It is expensive

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2. BOSTITCH (BTFP02012) Pancake Air Compressor

Bostitch is the kind of compressor that gives you high performance and is equally reliable. The fact that it is oil-free translates into low maintenance cost and therefore saving you money.

BOSTITCH (BTFP02012) Pancake Air Compressor Check Price on Amazon

It is powered by a 90 PSI pump that can produce a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and thus its high performance.

Unlike other air compressors, its 78.5 dBA provides a less noisy and quiet environment for you to work in.

The regulator will enable you to easily start up the compressor even when the temperatures are cold. The 2 universal coupler enables two users at the same time and therefore a good compressor if you are undertaking a large project.

The compressor is also light and easy to carry around when you are spraying your project. The 6-gallon compressor clears the air very fast without altering the functioning of the machine so that you can continue with your project.

You get a one year warranty upon purchase of this compressor.


  • It is light and portable
  • Has low maintenance cost
  • It is oil-less compressor
  • High efficient


  • One year limited warrant

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3. California Air Compressor (8010)

If you are looking for a compressor to use indoors then this is definitely the right machine.

California Air Compressor (8010) Check Price on Amazon

Designed with 60 dBA this compressor is less noisy and convenient to use without interrupting other activities indoors.

It has a large silver tank with 8.0 gallons that enables you to hold sufficient paint for your project. The mobility wheels make it easy for you to move it around when shifting positions.

Alongside that, it weighs 54 pounds which is light for you to move around.

The 1 horsepower motor produces 1680 rpm with minimized wear and greater efficiency. The compressor has the ability to produce a maximum of 120 PSI with a voltage of 110V.

It can run continuously for 30 min-60 min depending on the set PSI. Being an oil-free and dual-piston compressor is a great benefit because you will spend less on maintaining it.

Additionally, the metallic design of this compressor gives it a longer service life as compared to similar compressors.


  • Very quiet
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Durable
  • Easy mobility
  • High efficiency
  • Ideal for indoor use


  • Short cable
  • It’s costly

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4. CRAFTSMAN (CMEC6150K) Air Compressor

This is a 6-gallon compressor that is designed for people who are undertaking small painting projects.

CRAFTSMAN (CMEC6150K) Air Compressor Check Price on Amazon

It is very light at about 30 pounds and very portable when you are carrying out your project. Being an oil-free compressor, it has low-cost maintenance and is also very durable to give you a longer service life

The compressor produces a maximum pressure of 150 PSI at 90 PSI compressor and requires less time to recover. This allows you to start the compressor even at cold temperatures.

This compressor is easily compatible with other tools and comes with a package of accessories.

There are 13 different accessories that are necessary for your paintwork and among them is a 25ft long hose that will greatly help you out in your paintwork.

On the other hand, you get a one-year limited warranty for the purchase of this compressor.


  • It is light and portable
  • It is durable
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • Oil-free
  • 6-gallon capacity
  • 25 ft. hose


  • Has low power and capacity

5. Powermate Vx Electric Air Compressor (PLA4708065)

If you are driven by the need for a powerful compressor, I recommend you take this one.  It is designed with a 15 Amp motor that produces 4.7 HP.

Powermate Vx Electric Air Compressor (PLA4708065) Check Price on Amazon

This compressor is capable of producing compressed air of 90 PSI creating enough running time to deliver a professional finish.

The most amazing feature is the 80-gallon holding capacity that will enable you to carry out large projects faster and with minimum effort.

Though the compressor is oil-based, you constantly need to check the levels of oil and quality to too in the crankcase to keep the compressor running.

However, the oil sight glass helps you in checking the levels to avoid its abrupt breakdown. This powerful compressor uses 3 piston cylinder in air compression and operates with a speed of 3450 RPM.

This power combined with a 350 pounds weight is likely to cause heavy vibration and therefore the need to screw it on the ground.


  • Suitable for large projects
  • Powerful motor
  • It is less noisy
  • It is durable


  • It is heavy
  • It is expensive

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6. Industrial Air Compressor, 4 Gallon

As you select a compressor for your project, you need to consider this one. Designed for industrial purposes, this compressor has a cheap maintenance cost but also a very powerful machine.

Industrial Air Compressor, 4 Gallon Check Price on Amazon

It is an oil-free compressor with a direct-drive motor and therefore you will spend less doing maintenance.

Further, it has 2-piece cooling systems that add to the shelf life of this compressor. Additionally, it has a short run time but also a quick recovery time just in case the pressure is out.

It is designed with a 4-gallon capacity but with a 40 PSI, it is capable of providing 5 CFM. It has a maximum pressure of 155 PSI giving you an assurance of its high performance.

This compressor is light and fixed to a frame that makes it easy to carry when working or for storage. This compressor comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • It has a powerful motor
  • It is durable
  • It is lightweight
  • Has low maintenance cost
  • It has a fast recovery
  • 2 years limited warranty


  • It is costly
  • Its run time is short

7. Makita (MAC2400) Air Compressor

Unlike other compressors, Makita has proved its outstanding qualities that will outsmart others.  It comes with a bigger pump that quickens the recovery process when the tank has lost pressure.

Makita (MAC2400) Air Compressor Check Price on Amazon

Additionally, it 2 universal couplers that provide an allocation for 2 air tools that are very helpful when it comes to improving the runtime of the compressor.

Furthermore, that compressor is designed with the capacity to hold max. The pressure of 1540 PSI and with a 90 PSI produce 4.2 CFM.

Being an oil-based compressor is much quieter than regular oil-free compressors.  This is because of the low running cost of the RPM as compared to air compressors.

The oil cooling system also plays a vital role in protecting the iron from wear and tears and therefore a prolonged service life of the compressor.

You can also remove the iron cast for better maintenance of the compressor and also check through the oil sight glass for improved efficiency.


  • It is durable
  • It is fast
  • It is less noisy
  • Two universal couplers
  • Oil-lubricated


  • It is heavy
  • Has low small tank

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In the pursuit of the best air compressor for spray painting, I hope you are able to select from among the list above.

If you are not able to make a choice, I would recommend you get DEWALT (DWFP55126) Pancake Air Compressor.

It has good positive ratings and a reasonable price among other features.

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