7 Best Airless Paint Sprayer in 2024

So, if you’re considering the best airless paint sprayer – you won’t regret it. These sprayers allow faster painting – actually it cuts the painting time using rollers and brushes by half. Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Further, you can easily adjust the tools’ paint pressure to match different surfaces and paints including varnish, sealers, or latex.

Thus, getting one of these airless paint sprayers is a good decision for your painting projects – but follow these usage tips for airless paint sprayers.

Your idea sprayer must have a perfectly-sized hose and appropriate pressure. So, Let’s get to the reviews on air sprayers that’ll save you both energy and time. See Also: what’s the top quality paint sprayers.

s: 7 Best Airless Paint Sprayer in in 2024

1. Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Magnum 262805 X7 Cart – #1 Pick

Magnum 262805 is an excellent graco airless paint sprayer that majors on power more than size and portability. This airless sprayer will start-up and quickly jump to the set pressure to hit those surfaces – either wood, metal, furniture, and decks.

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Magnum 262805 si however not very storable as it measures about 19 by 15 by 37 inches and weighs roughly 26 lbs in total. However, the airless paint sprayer has a handle and wheels that’ll make it way to move around as your spray on various surfaces including metal and wood.

Magnum 262805 has a RAC IV SwitchTip that’ll enable you to do contributions spraying – the switch reverses the spraying tip and hence you can do continuous spraying. In addition, the sprayer is well-suited for spraying multi-storey houses – it can go up to 100 ft and thus you can spray up to the 3 storeys.

Further, for flexibility, the sprayer enables you to use the paint directly from your 1-5 gallon bucket. Further, you can spray the unthinned paint – thanks to the piston pump (made of Stainless Steel) at very high pressure. The advantages of this sprayer include speed, quality spraying, and flexibility.

Airless sprayers are budget-friendly and easy to use. First, the spraying will be about 2-4 times faster compared to rolling or brushing – this results in cost and time-saving. It’ll also give you quality even finish. Further, on flexibility, you can spray on both exterior and interior sites – it’s easy to move around.

Finally, Magnum 262805 Airless sprayer has a control panel to allow easier pressure control of the paint during the spraying process. This will be effective for spraying projects of different sizes – further, as noted above, the RAC IV SwitchTip enables continuous spraying by reversing the spraying tip.


  • Clog-resistant spray tip
  • Easy to control pressure settings wth a pressure knob
  • Has a non-kink hose that’s about 100 feet
  • Simple to move around the spaying areas with the installed wheels
  • Has few parts that’s be also easy to clean
  • Light-weight and way to move


  • Not suitable for thick or textured paints or stains.

2. Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer 3000 PSI Power – Handyman Metal Gun Spray

Goplus airless paint sprayer provides 3000 PSI function pressure from its adjustable piston pump that’s great for a handyman. The 5/8 hp motor is also adequate to power the pump and thus allow easy spraying using the airless paint sprayer – just like the HVLP paint sprayers.

Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer 3000 PSI Power - Handyman Metal Gun Spray Check Price on Amazon

Goplus 3000 PSI is appropriate for spraying both the outside or inside the house – plus areas like exterior walls, ceilings, interior walls, boats, decks, and fences. Luckily, the sprayer has a 25 ft hose that allows easy spraying around crannies and nocks – a wide spraying area – great for fences and other outdoor projects.

In addition, Goplus 3000 PSI is also a compact airless sprayer that’s equally lightweight and hence will be easy to move around as you do your paintwork on different projects. Further, claiming up after you’re done spraying will be an easy task – solvent plus clean water will clean the spray gun.

Goplus 3000 PSI is an excellent airless pray pain gun for use by home DIYers since it’s not complicated and hence you must not be a professional painter to succeed here. However, ensure you go through the spray gun manuals and instructions both on assembly and usage.

The airless sprayer is an efficient spraying tool that will give extensive coverage with its high pressure from the 3000 psi piston pump – it’ll easily cover large outdoor projects like fences – faster and more efficient. As noted, the sprayer is lightweight and hence easy to move around the projects.

Luckily, this Goplus 3000 PSI has completely adjustable pressure and hence you can adjust it adequately match your painting needs considering project size – and thus it’ll be easy to use the spray gun for different project sizes. So, you can take out the gun for spraying frames, doors, ceiling, exterior walls, and decks.


  • Easy to assemble -w even without tools
  • Readily adjustable pressure to use on projects of different sizes
  • Easy to clean after use – just use some solvent and water
  • Made from polyurethane that’s durable and will resist abrasion
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to move around


  • May overspray sometimes

3. HomeRight 2800 Power Flo Pro Airless Spray Painting Gun – #3 Pick

HomeRight 2800 Power Flo is suitable for spray painting large projects like your garage, shed, fence, and house exterior. It’ll be budget-friendly since you’ll complete the big painting projects fast and at a low cost while also giving a great finish for bad surfaces like fences.

HomeRight 2800 Power Flo Pro Airless Spray Painting Gun Check Price on Amazon

HomeRight 2800 Power Flo has a 25 foot long hose that’s also non-kink and hence you’ll readily get to your srapyign surfaces. Lujcily, for easy of operation, the airless sprayer will also draw the paint from a bucket or container with a capacity of 1-5 gallons.

HomeRight 2800 will be great to use with unthinned latex, deck sealers, stains, and oil-based paints. Further, the sprayer’s tip is easy to assemble and reverse and hence it’ll be simple to unclog. Further, simply use water plus a solvent to clean up the sprayer of any remaining stains, sealers, or paint.

HomeRight 2800 will give you a professional finish – this can be achieved by most mood DIYer or a homeowner trying their hand on airless paint sprayers. It has a pump and a ½ hp motor that’ll create a pressure of about 2800 PSI that’s adequate to spray both unthinned and thinned paint.

The paint sprayer has a suction tube which you’ll deep into the bucket or container – 1 to 5 gallons in capacity for easier operation. Also, the sprayer has a simple pressure dial that will allow you to readily adjust the paint flow to reduce the chances of overspray.

The sprayer is fast and way to use – just like pressure washers used by homeowners if you follow the guidelines and instructions. You can use a solvent and water to clean the sprayer off the oil-based paint – but you must fully clean and disassemble its parts.


  • The 2800 psi pressure pump and ½ HP motor ensures effective airless spray painting
  • Loved by many for DIY projects including those around the house by many homeowners
  • Has a 25-foot non-king hose to quickly and effectively spray paint your surfaces
  • Use the pressure control knob to control the flow of paint


  • Short suction tube

4. Graco 17C305 Airless Paint Spayer Pro210ES Cart Pro-Connect – #4 Pick

Graco 17C305 is a commercial-grade or professional airless paint sprayer that ejects about 0.47 gallons of the point in every minute with its 1 hp Dura motor. It’ll take up spray tips with size going up to about 0.021 inches (thanks to its endurance pump) plus it’ll achieve a 3000 PSI maximum pressure – suitable for heavy paint too.

Graco 17C305 Airless Paint Spayer Pro210ES Cart Pro-Connect Check Price on Amazon

Graco 17C305 ‘s build quality makes it great for use by remodeling contractors, handymen, serious DIYers, hobbyists, and painting experts – all people who are deep into the industrial painting. The Pro-connect system enables on to replace the sprayer pump without requiring tools – efficient and saves time.

On mobility, you can easily push this Graco 17C305 airless sprayer around on its cart plus have the telescopic handle allowing better storage and movement – can easily move from one Jobsite to the next without wasting time. You’ll love the 50 ft hose that’s installed but you can add the hose length to about 200 ft to easily spray large areas.

Graco 17C305 has the 515 spray tip that allows quicker operation even for newbies while also accommodating hot solvents and latex paints that are heavy (check these sprayers for latex paint). It has a cart made from pneumatic tires and chrome-plated steel for increased versatility and mobility.

For surface preparation, you can use Trisodium Phosphate to clean up the surface to be spray painted – particularly for the indoor spaces. However, use water and cleaner to wash the outdoor surfaces – allow some time to dry before starting the spraying process.

On maintenance, regularly clean and inspect the airless sprayer parts including gun filter, fluid inlet strainer, and the sprayer filter prior and after every spraying. However, after the sprayer has handled over 1000 gallons, you must undertake major inspection and cleanup – ensure to follow the product instructions.


  • Great for industrial and commercial airless spray painting
  • Has a 50-foot hose (duraflex) but will allow about 200 feet
  • Durable spray painter for long painting sessions
  • High versatility and durability – comes with either a stand or cart
  • The push prime enables easier cleaning of the sprayer and tubes
  • Won’t require tools to assemble the sprayer, hose, or spray tip


  • Not suitable for asphalt painting
  • Costly product


There you have it with the best airless paint sprayer – key considerations include power sources, pressure controls, and capacity of fluid section plus ease of cleaning. Further, the airless paint sprayer must not be easy to clog but must also clean easily.

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