Top 7 Best Soundbar Under 200 in 2024

If you’re on a tight budget (under $200), pick one of these best soundbars under 200 for home theater or TV to get better sound for TV shows or movies away from the poor built-in TV speakers. Best Soundbar Under 200

Also, these soundbars will wirelessly Bluetooth music and audio from different devices to enable the playing of Spotify. Luckily, you can get some of these soundbars that have surround-sound options that you’ll love – and there are other quite affordable soundbars.

The soundbars may include HDMI input, remote control, optical connection (for TV hooking). These soundbars will improve the audio experience you get from your TVs – either 4K, HDR OLED, Vizio, or TCL since most don’t have “good” built-in speakers – soundbars are worth every penny.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Soundbar Under 200 in 2024

1. Sony HT-MT300/B Soundbar + Wireless Sub-woofer – #1 Pick

Sony HT-MT300 tops these budget-friendly soundbars to better your movie, TV, and music experience. It has the wireless sub, which punches hard, but it’s also very compact.

Best Soundbar Under 200 Check Price On Amazon

Sony HT-MT300 is a great compact tool for tight budgets, medium-sized TVs, and small rooms, plus you can take it to your kitchen or the deck allowing Bluetooth connections for music entertainment.

Sony HT-MT300 is a Bluetooth 2.1-channel, two-driver, soundbar that has a mini sub-woofer – its ease of use with excellent dialog delivery and great for students and people with small spaces.

You can position the subwoofer in a standing or horizontal position depending on the room condition. It has concealed buttons (capacitive touch) for power, blue-tooth, input selection, & volume.

Sony HT-MT300 is the sleek-design type and will display the real words when you adjust the volume or change the sound modes, and thus it’s easy to understand the current sound mode.


  • Sony HT-MT300 also comes with the subwoofer for great bass – besides Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Further, it’s possible to connect the USB that has music for additional music entertainment.
  • Great audio output
  • Ergonomic design
  • Budget-friendly


  • None

2. VIZIO SB3621n-F8M Soundbar + DTS virtual – #2 Pick

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M is also a great soundbar that also comes with the DTS audio, wireless 5.4 in sub-woofer, and Dolby technologies to fill your space with great audio plus excellent bass.

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M Soundbar + DTS virtual Check Price On Amazon

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M is made for 40” class TVs being a 2.1 soundbar that also has the DTS Virtual:X to generate excellent audio codec for overhead and surround sound.

It’ll seem like there are overhead ad surround speakers – a great for just the 2.1 system, which is budget-friendly. You’ll love the sturdy build + smooth edges that reduce vibration and distortion.

On connectivity, VIZIO SB3621n-F8M allows WAV audio playback thanks to its included USB port, digital coaxial and digital optical cords providing RCA-3.5 mm connection.

On setup, you’ll find this VIZIO SB3621n-F8M very easy to configure, but you must keep it at the right height, which will avoid blocking your TV screen and away from possible obstacles.

This budget-friendly wireless soundbar will give you a clear sound, plus you’ll love its sleek appearance. I noted that the sub-woofer provides an excellent bass kick.

However, lacking the HDMI ARC features implies that you’ll have to use your TV’s remote control for sound adjustment. But the blue-tooth feature allows you to play music from the tablet or smartphone.


  • Ease of setting up
  • Excellent build quality for better durability
  • Offers very clean dialog and sound
  • A budget soundbar that’s better than Polk, Zvok, Yamaha, or JBL in the same category.
  • Wireless soundbar and compact (small in size)


  • Lacks HDMI ARC and thus requires using TV remote control

3. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar + Universal Remote-Control – #3 Pick

Bose Solo 5 is an exception when it comes to the balance between great sound quality and its also budget-friendly – it’ll give you decent sound.

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar + Universal Remote-Control Check Price On Amazon

Key features that you’ll love include their compact design and hence won’t take up large space plus it has Bluetooth for easier connection to the TV.

Bose Solo 5 does excellently in voice enhancement (including sound and music effects), and it’ll be an excellent addition to your TV speakers or entertainment unit. Thus, you won’t require to turn your volume up if a person is speaking.

You’ll notice a significant difference when you’re listening to music or watching movies – giving you great clarity to every detail and word – you won’t miss any word. Plus, the Bose Solo 5’s Bluetooth allows you to get a wireless connection to your TV for an indulging streaming (movies or music) experience.

On sound quality, this Bose Solo 5 gives powerful bass despite beginning a small-sized soundbar. Still, you’ll notice that the bass is indistinct and muffled, especially in movies with roaring engines and explosion scenes.

Bose Solo 5 weighs about 4 pounds and measure roughly below 22-inches full – its simple to carry, very transportable, and movable. On style or design, the soundbar has an attractive, sleek design ( all-black) with high angles plus plastic or metal covering that makes it have that high-quality look.

Its a great soundbar for watching YouTube videos and it produces great sound – also (check these camera for YouTube) plus the remote control made it very easy to control the Bose speaker, TV,and the sat box in the living room.


  • Crystal clear and crisp sound that will enhance the details and sound in the movie or TV shows
  • Compact, lightweight and budget-friendly soundbar
  • Bluetooth capability to allow wireless connectivity
  • Universal remove allows easy settings adjustment
  • Many mounting options provided
  • Ease of soundbar setting up


  • Only suitable for large smaller rooms
  • Short optical cable

4. Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar with Bluetooth + Built-in Subwoofers

Yamaha YAS-108 has conspicuously beautiful aesthetic features plus the capsule rounded design measuring 2.5 inches (Depth), 5.125 inches(Height), and 36 inches (width) that readily sits on a counter-top or shelf or underneath your TV.

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar with Bluetooth + Built-in Subwoofers Check Price On Amazon

Yamaha YAS-108 has square rubber pads at its back end and this will keep it fixed at one place and avoid any chances of scratching most of your delicate surfaces. Also, it comes with both keyhole mounts plus the wall-mounting template for ease of installation.

Also, Yamaha YAS-108 has a sleek interface with great sound for home music and cinematic experience – but it won’t work for the pickiest audiophiles. You’ll love the DTS Virtual: X soundbar feature that’ll offer a 3D-surround sound.

Yamaha YAS-108’s deign is dual-ported that comes with two two-inch tweeters, 2.125-inch mid-range woofers (2), and 3-inch sub-woofers (2) with 60 watts. Its compatibility with 4K Ultra HD is very excellent for passing via both HLG HDR and HDR10.

Besides, the soundbar lacks Wi-Fi but comes with many input options, including Bluetooth wireless, 3.5mm analog, Toslink optical, and HDMI. Further, the device will allow multiple connections on your Bluetooth – multi-point connections.

It has a great remote control that equally small (credit-card sized). Also, the removal has a variety of colors on its buttons that are logically and laid out. It’ll give you great mids – excellent sound or audio quality. Here’s my compilation of the best soundbars for the money.


  • DTS Virtual:X support
  • multi-point blue-tooth pairing
  • Great dialogue clarity and sound quality
  • Budget-friendly sound device
  • The soundbar comes with Connections, including Bluetooth, Optical, Analog, and HDMI.
  • It has the 30W audio power and 2.0 speaker configuration – lacks multicast feature and external sub-woofer (these ones are in-built).


  • Poor deep bass

5. VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch Soundbar 2.0 Channel

VIZIO SB2920-C6 is a great sound addition to your living area with its 2.5-inch stereo speakers to better the TV audio for a full and rich sound. It’ll give you a broad variety of mids and highs plus bass and thus produce a crisp and clear sound.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch Soundbar 2.0 Channel Check Price On Amazon

VIZIO SB2920-C6 is a minimalist but also feature-rich soundbar that’ll significantly improve the output audio from your TV. The 29-inches long device is compact in design and thus will be easy to mount on the wall or keep under your TV.

The soundbar offers a 70 Hz – 19 kHz frequency range to generate a clear and crisp audio or sound. You can sync the music apps, including Spotify – thanks to Bluetooth with your soundbar, speakers, or the iPhone.

On design, VIZIO SB2920-C6 is a black-colored soundbar that’s slim and long (29″) but has come sides metallic plates. Further, you’ll love the minimal and clean look thanks to the soft-touch buttons that’s neatly laid out.

It has DTS TruSurround that enables the reduction of the soundbar into a compact and sleek size while also producing a Surround-sound effect that readily resembles the actual surround system. his will produce excellent immersion as you listen to music or watch the great movies.


  • Its speakers offer full-range stereo
  • Small-sized and sleek soundbar design
  • Simple to install, use, or even troubleshoot
  • Has in-build Bluetooth and thus it’ll be easy to undertake wireless connection
  • Great musicality with just 1 percent harmonic distortion
  • Good sound production


  • Relatively heavy


Bose Solo 5 has a great dynamic range to allow hushed dialogue to be intriguing and loud noises to seem very surprising. Further, the universal remote makes it super easy to set the Bluetooth connection, bass, and volume.

So, best soundbar under 200? Despite not being Wi-Fi enabled, the soundbar offers Bluetooth connectivity plus HDMI and optical inputs. But, it’ll be challenging to stream music or connect to the home network.

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