7 Best Soundbars for Under 100 in 2024

If you’re looking for a budget soundbar, here’s a compilation of my best soundbars for under 100. Best Soundbars for Under 100

You’ll find the soundbars worth a lot as they’ll provide superior sound than the TV – great immersion for listening to music or watching your amazing movies.

The below models are decent and affordable with a variety of features to create a great sound and entertainment experience. Here are the key considerations to make when choosing your greatest soundbar.

  • Positioning of the soundbar – under TVs or on-wall mounting?
  • Must have 3+ channels – Read Also: What’s the best soundbar Under 200?
  • Get an active soundbar, great sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and deep bass

Reviews: Top 7 Best Soundbars for Under 100 2024

1. TaoTronics 3 Equalizer Soundbar + Audio Speaker – #1 Pick

TaoTronics 3 Equalizer has great features for your TV audio including a simplified 5 seconds installation plus the production of a clear & crisp sound.

Best Soundbars for Under 100 Check Price On Amazon

You’ll also love the wall mount allowance and hence you can your screwdriver to fix on the wall under or over the TV.

TaoTronics 3 Equalizer is great for sound in gaming, music, or movie thanks to the expansive and room-filling sound plus the remote control allowing wireless operation at some distance.

But wired connection will have better stability and thus you can go for connections like optical input, RCA, AUX, or audio cable.

The provided “Music Mode” allows one to capitalize on the various musical aspects and hence it’s possible to clearly hear the delivered sounds. Further, the “Movie Mode” enables you to enhance sound/ dialogue while also optimizing it for TV shows or movie watching.

Simply connect the device to the TV via the wireless or wired option. Use the in-built Bluetooth to connect the soundbar wireless to your smart or android TV. Further, you can use the wireless or Bluetooth connection for music or song streaming.

The TaoTronics soundbar won’t generate screechy highs and you’ll find it quite simple to set up even on Bluetooth via the tablet or phone. It has a comfortable and ergonomic remote control but you’ll notice that it’s small-sized.

Also, “Game Mode” greatly enhances your immersion and gaming experience by producing game appropriate sounds. The 3 sound modes are easy to set using your remote controller (clearly labeled) and delivered with the TaoTronics 3 Equalizer soundbar.


  • The soundbar is compact and will be simple to move and install – its about 32 inches but might be longer than your regular speakers.
  • You can control the soundbar with just a number of button touches.
  • Has 3 equalizer modes
  • Great remote control provided
  • Allow Bluetooth connections even for song or music streaming
  • Wired inputs including optical input, RCA, AUX, or audio cable.


  • None


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2. VIZIO SB2920-C6 Soundbar (2.0 Channel + 26 Inches) – #2 Pick

VIZIO SB2920-C6 has a crisp audio effect with the bass working excellently to keep the clarity and character even at high volume. The soundbar won’t drown or get murky from the other track.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 Soundbar (2.0 Channel + 26 Inches) Check Price On Amazon

If your remote control won’t work, use control buttons for volume down or up, Bluetooth, input, and power. Plus the included stereo speakers are full-range and very powerful – what about coaxial and Bluetooth connection?

VIZIO SB2920-C6 gives you a room-filling sound from the 95db audio delivery but also has a 1 percent harmonic distortion and thus you’ll give a sound that higher-quality.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 will effectively boost the audio from your onboard TV speakers, provide great volume, and has a variety of connections – you’ll get enough bass and deep sound. However, the soundbar can also work well using your TV’s remote control, particularly for volume control.

The soundbar incorporates te DTS TruSound and DTS TruVolume technologies that’ll significantly improve your immersion and entertainment (multimedia experience) by providing comfortable and consistent volume.

Bluetooth capability allows the soundbar to readily connect wirelessly to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet for easy music streaming. Also, it comes with the optical cable but you’ll require to set the TV to the Audio Out and PCM to allow the cable to work.

This soundbar will be super simple to mount since you’ll simply need to plug into the power and connect to your TV or your other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Thanks to the minimalist design, the device fits great with most decor and hence usable in any room.

The device has a streamlined design being compact with LED-annunciator lights and aluminum caps. Further, the soundbar has the minimalist design which allows easy mounting on the wall using the incorporated hardware kit.


  • Uses TrueSurround HD & TrueVolume for virtual-surround sound
  • Bass and treble are adjustable
  • Great volume adjustment levels.
  • Generates clear & crisp sound


  • Non sub-woofer included

3. Meidong TV SoundBar, Remote + Bluetooth 2.0 Channel – #3 Pick

Meidong TV SoundBar is also a great plus to your entertainment unit particularly for TVs. Luckily, it offers multi-connection providing 3.5mm stereo, optical audio, RCA inputs.

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Meidong TV SoundBar also provides Bluetooth compatibility and hence its possible to stream your music and audio wirelessly by connecting to the smart TV, tablet, or phone.

Further, the soundbar is also great for listening to dynamic and loud sound since it has 4 powerful speakers – combined with good sound cards for music production.

The speakers will produce a versatile sound range plus some deep bass to give you a great immersion in your music or movie entertainment.

On decor, this soundbar has an excellent outlook that will match your room and space decor – thanks to its stunning design that’ll improve the cinematic feel of your space.

The device has a compact design that’s suitable for most small or medium-sized rooms. You can mount the soundbar on any wall or set it under your TV – taking up only limited space.

Meidong TV Soundbar has an incorporated remote control that’ll let you adjust the audio or volume when you’ll way across the room. Also, it has in-unit buttons for easier operation.

The 2.0 channel Soundbar is recommended for smart TV that are 50+ Inches. Plus it has 12 great-quality speakers that’ll produce good theatre sound.


  • Has the optical cable
  • Lightweight soundbar
  • Convinent remote-control system
  • A variety of input provisions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear & Crisp sound


  • Low quality cable

4. TaoTronics 4 (Wireless & Wired 4.2 Spekears) – #4 Pick

TaoTronics 4 is made by the proficient TaoTronics company – its a budget-friendly soundbar that has Bluetooth, 11-meters remote control suitable for gaming, family entertainment, and theaters.

TaoTronics 4 (Wireless & Wired 4.2 Spekears) Check Price On Amazon

TaoTronics 4 provides smoother sound with an appropriate treble and bass but you may toggle the settings through your remote control.

The soundbar has a short body shape measuring about 34 inches in length but its equally efficient and convenient for use in your different rooms.

The Bluetooth Connection is very flawless for a great music and movie sound experience. It produces noise but also low – with a stable sound.

The soundbar allows both wireless and wired installations, and hence it’ll be easy to transmit your audio both on the wire (33ft) and wirelessly – including optical cables & RCA connectors.

The soundbar will be quite simple to operate thanks to the remote control. Further, you’ll find the in-unit buttons that allow one to select the operation mode.


  • AUX input, Coaxial, Optical, 3.5 mm input.
  • Remove control from even about 11 meters
  • The sleek and ultra-slim soundbar design makes the device great for small spaces – but it’s equally stylish.
  • The home-theater will greatly blend with the soundbar.
  • Table top or wall-mounting
  • Short-sized (34 inches) soundbar


  • None

5. Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar – Suitable for Alexa

Bose SoundTouch 300 is a great soundbar for watching TV shows, movies, videos and listening to music. The device the metal and glass grille that’s ultra-slim.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar - Suitable for Alexa Check Price On Amazon

Bose SoundTouch 300 is also a wireless-enabled soundbar with a range of bass sound. The sound will work great for HDMI and 4K formats with Soundtouch application – check Soundbar Optical Vs HDMI.

Use WiFi and NFC pairing to connect the soundbar via Bluetooth and thus it’ll be easy to stream and share your music with the compatible computer and mobile devices.

The Bose soundbar will produce well-detailed and excellent audio quality. The device comes with many supplementary speakers and gives deep bass – check these best soundbars under 300.


  • Sound quality has a wide range
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Flexible and deep bass
  • Effortless and slim design
  • Allows HDMI and 4K formats
  • Provides Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity


  • Lacks sub-woofer


So, that’s it with the best soundbars for under 100 – the sound device has an LED that’ll generate different colors and hence makes it easy to operate.

Also, mounting the soundbar is simple or simply under the TV screen.

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