Roku Smart Soundbar Review – 7 Key Tips

This is a Roku Smart Soundbar Review – a device that I’ll note from the offset is a great streamer or soundbar that allows additional surround speakers – a quality soundbar

Roku Smart Soundbar Review

So, with these soundbars, you’ll significantly improve the quality of Live TV or streaming sound for HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, and Netflix. 

So, Roku Smart Soundbar will upgrade immersion for streaming and TV audio even without a subwoofer but you can also add a wireless subwoofer for pure surround sound.

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Roku Smart Soundbar Review

This is a quality and decent bar with limited trade-offs to ensure a more minimalistic appeal. For instance, it lacks buttons and thus losing the remote which is inconvenient. 

1. Superior Design 

Compared to previous Roku Speakers, this Roku Smart Soundbar will link with any TV but pairing with your TV would result in redundancy since both have in-built Roku. 

This Roku Smart Soundbar has a plastic build and sleek design plus you’ll love the rounded ends looking much like the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama. 

Further, Soundbar is tall measuring about 32.2 inches in width and 2.8 inches in height. Also, you’ll love its beautiful front that’s cloth-wrapped plus the LED light. 

Further, under the Soundbar grill, you’ll find 4 2.5 inch drivers that are full-range. However, the Soundbar has no power button or controls – you’ll require a remote controller. 

2. Connectivity 

So, you might get into problems if you misplace the remote for the Roku Smart Soundbar. But there might be an escape route with the Roku phone application or the remote finder for your Roku Ultra. 

Further, at the bar’s rear end, you’ll find a USB port, optical port, and an HDMI ARC and screw holes for wall-mounting. It’s compatible with  Spotify Connect and Bluetooth. 

Roku Smart Soundbar supports 4K video for the HDR10 and hence it’ll applications such as Vudu Netflix are great-looking on your 4K HDR TV – check Soundbars Under 200.

No input switching with this Roku Smart Soundbar since it’s designed for HDMI connection. Further, you can’t manually switch to the optical audio. If the HDMI port is used, the optical won’t work. 

3. Set up and Control

I noted that the Roku Smart Soundbar is quite easy to set up and doesn’t require specific applications such as the Yamaha apps. Notably, the Roku system in this soundbar will readily guide you through the various steps in a few minutes. 

However, installing the wireless Roku speakers might take a bit longer since you’d require to plug & unplug the power before full registration. Also, there could be a problem with lip-synching and you’ll need to solve it using Vizio TV ( M series). 

Besides, the start soundbar has an excellent voice remote that’ll allow you to voice search once you hit the middle button. Also, the remote has an allowance for volume adjustment on its side. The Roku app will allow you to use the Roku’s headphone like the Noise Cancelling Headphones

You’ll love the Wireless Subwoofer that will provide bass. The 12-inches Subwoofer is compact (plus has a 10-inch driver) enough for use in any house decor. Further, you can simply click on the “Bass Off” to disconnect the Subwoofer when it’s connected to the soundbar.

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4. Roku Smart Soundbar Performance 

Notably, this Roku Smart Soundbar will give you fine video quality including on Streaming Stick Plus and it doesn’t require the longer loading times. 

The Roku with no sub-woofer won’t give much immersion for your cinema slam at home but will be great for movies and music with amazing pop and clarity.

Roku Smart Soundbar won’t get all loud but it won’t also distort at the est volume. Even in your compact room, the soundbar will be excellently audible. 

Compared to a Vizio SB3621, the Roku Smart Soundbar – this Vizio bar produces a clear content plus has the included subwoofer. However, for Roku you’ve got to add the sub to get a eat punch. 

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That’s it with the This is a Roku Smart Soundbar Review! So, consider what your needs are for a soundbar. Yamaha YAS-109 will be great for playing from current sources like Acoustic Guitar mics

However, the Roku Smart bar will be great if you need to have minimal devices or if you’re simply starting. But it definitely costly than the Vizio SB3612 with HDMI and streaming capability.

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