Living Room Paint Colors with Brown Furniture

Most often, it is hard to identify the best living room paint colors with brown furniture. At some point, some have gone to an extent of terming brown as boring. Living Room Paint Colors with Brown Furniture

Much as this is not true – maybe it’s time you give it a little more consideration and see what becomes of it with my recommendations. 

There are several ways to compliment that brown furniture and give your living room a new and glamorous look. See Also: Cleaning an HVLP Spray Gun

Living Room Paint Colors with Brown Furniture

Below are different paints that you can consider to make the room more accommodative and less boring.

1. Denver Home Remodel

This involves a combination of brown and gray. The different application of the textured colors bring out a very impressive look.

This combination impressively blends the colors to match the brown furniture. 

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2. A Brown Floor

Not every time you have to get rid of the already existing brown color, sometimes you can decide to make it better.

To achieve this, you can complement the brown floor with a purple or grey wall. This will override and make the floor look great.

3. A Natural Wall

To add shade and neutralize the brown furniture effect, a neutral wall will make a great deal.

Depending on how you like it to be, you can either make it to be reflective to draw the attention from the furniture or dampen it to make your furniture the center of attraction

To achieve this, you can use a mixture paints or use a mixture of items too to draw the attention from the furniture. A woven basket a pillow are some good additional that you can use. 

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4. Gray wall

There are dark grays and light grays too. You can either of the two depending on the theme you want to achieve in your living room.

Gray is a great neutralizer that has over time replaced beige and white. As a substitute for white, you may want to consider shading light gray.

This will lighten up the room and overshadow the brown furniture. For a beige substitute, a darker shade of gray will be very convenient, however be careful not to overdo it to avoid a scenario of an extremely dark room.

However, you can use this to create a perfect calm and dark atmosphere in your bedroom. 

5. Beige

Beige is seemingly a cool color. If you do not want a rather bright room, you can use beige.

It equally neutralizes, the brown furniture environment and the same time create a warm atmosphere.

6. White Wall

Depending on the tone of your brown furniture, you can also decide to introduce white color in the walls of your living room.

By this, you create a clean environment white in turn reflects the nature of your room.

Being a bright color, it shout more and draws the attention more than the brown furniture therefore neutralizing it. 

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7. Red color

When you are considering painting your walls, think of the effect a red color would bring in the in the living room.

If your furniture is dark brown, doing a deep red color with dampen the room or even make it look small. Alternatively, you can also chose to have either a bright red or a deep red.

As for a bright red, combining it with golden or white accents will brighten and diverge the attention from the furniture.

8. Yellow

Yellow is such a fantastic color to use especially in the living room. It has a unique way of bringing excitement into the room. However, not everyone wants to make their rooms this vibrant.

In this regard, using muted portions of the yellow color blended or rather a golden yellow for that case, will leave your living room well lit up and with the brown furniture virtually visible. 

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9. White Colored Ceiling

If you are still scared of that brown furniture on your living room, maybe you should consider having a white ceiling to minimize on its attention.

The white ceiling will greatly light up the room and take away any attention drawn by the brown furniture.

To be on the safer side, you need to learn the art to balance the two to avoid the scenario of one overriding the other.

Choosing a brighter white is also dependent on how you want your living room to be, bright and warm. 

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10.  Colored Throw Pillows

Another way to way the attention of the brown furniture is use of colored pillows. Choosing either mixed color or singling out a particular color will be based on your preference.

Apart from the throw pillows, you can also choose to use either colored blankets to draw the attention form the furniture from seemingly dull furniture.

11. Colored Curtains

Your curtains can be another source of diluting the color of the brown furniture in your living room.

At this point, you can use them to warm up the room and make it more cheerful.

A mustard yellow, a burnt orange are among the few colors you can use on your curtains to make it more exciting. 

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12. Blue walls

Having a blue can make a good turning point from the brown furniture. What I like about the color is that you can also blend or mix it with white to make the room brighter.

Another alternative, is a dark blue color which can bring out exceptional beauty to your living room.

White tulips on the blue walls will also play an essential role in illuminating the room.

13. Green

If you are a great fan of green color, you don’t have to feel left out on blending your brown furniture with the color.

My favorite is deep forest green because of the way it harmoniously creates a jungle environment when it blends with brown.

I prefer this on the walls combined with a rusty pattern to make the room more warm and glamorous.

You can also choose a light green shade in the guest room.  This will be an excellent choice to harmonize the nature’s main colors green and brown.

To relax and calm your guests, this will be the perfect way to decongest and cool down any form of noise. 

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14. Cream

In order to create a unique flow in the room, cream paint is an excellent choice for that.

What is amazing about cream is that you can combine it with white to pull the attention from the brown furniture.

If the living room is overcrowded, you can use this color to create a comfortable environment.

15. Gold

If you are looking for a rich and a gorgeous color, this is perfect match for you. This will be a good match for your brown furniture.

You can also use this color on other surfaces like blue, red, or even green color.

Apart from using it on walls, you can also use it on frames to give your room a fine touch. 

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Brown is a great color and if you are looking for the best living room paint colors with brown furniture, then you already have an answer.

As listed above, the color ideas gives you the multiple options of colors to apply to either on your walls, ceiling or living room in general to match and blend with your brown furniture.

These color options will give your living room different styles that can be interpreted differently depending on what you want.

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