7 Best Paint Finish for Ceilings in 2024

Ceilings play a vital role in our household system and ceiling paints are a vital role in achieving this home beauty. Getting the best paint finish for ceilings will not only give you a good finish but also blends your house. Best Paint Finish for Ceilings

Unlike other paints, ceiling paints are more delicate and require careful selection to avoid splashes and drips on your face as you apply them. Similarly, ceilings are prone to stains and other imperfections which can also be sorted out with high-tech paints.

This article outlines the ceiling paints available in the market and helps you make an informed choice of the paint to go for. See Also: Paint To Use On Bathroom Cabinets?

s: Top 7 Best Paint Finish for Ceilings in 2024

1. KILZ Color-Change & Stain blocking Ceiling Paint

Kilz has been over the years one of the best manufactures of quality paints. This is no exception for this color change ceiling paint that does exceptionally well to even remove fungi on the ceiling.

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Designed with a stain-blocking and color-changing formula, it serves a good purpose especially for ceilings with damages and at leaking roofs causing stains. Unlike other paints, Kilz removes these stains in just one or two coats for your cabinets

With Kilz, you achieve faster results with the fast-drying effect with the first coat drying to touch within one hour after application. In case you intend to do a second coat, the surface is ready within 2 hours and for multiple coats after 4 hours.

What I like about this paint is that it has a mild odor that goes away within 24-48 hours. 

Additionally, it has a spatter-resistant technique that gives a non-drip feature and hardly spills on your face or body. In case of any spillage, you can easily wash it with soap and water.


  • Non-spatter design
  • Wide coverage
  • Easy to wash


  • Hard to spread.

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2. Rust-Oleum, 253536 Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum is one of the tops recommended brands to buy your paint from. In regards to ceiling paint from this company, you have a variety of 15 tones to choose from that are designed with metallic accents.

Rust-Oleum, 253536 Metallic Accents Paint Check Price on Amazon

Designed with low levels of VOCs, this paint can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. For indoors, it can be used on ceilings, bedrooms, or even living rooms giving them a gorgeous metallic finish. As an exterior paint, it can be used on doors, walls, furniture, and trims.

You will definitely like its fast drying feature that takes only 30 minutes to dry and touch. The end surface is equally easy to clean with soap and water with minimum effort. You can best achieve its application through spraying.

The good thing about this paint is that it has a low odor and is equally environmentally friendly. Rust-Oleum will offer mildew and mold prevention over the long term.


  • Has a beautiful metallic finish
  • Has low odor
  • Comes in a variety of tones
  • For use on both outdoors and indoors
  • Dries fast


  • Its costly

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3. Homax, Smooth Decorative Ceiling Paint

Homax roll is well-designed paint with a decorative and textured surface on the interior part of your household. You can use this paint on walls and ceiling and do exceptionally well in hiding imperfections on ceilings and walls leaving a cool feeling in your house.

Homax, Smooth Decorative Ceiling Paint Check Price on Amazon

If you feel irritated by paint spills and splashes, you can go for this non-spatter paint and you can comfortably achieve your painting with minimum troubles. Though you may experience some odor with this paint, it is short-lived and disappears faster than you may think.

Unlike other paints, Homax comes ready to paint with just a light-mixing before application. You can equally achieve any pattern you desire on your ceiling with these paints and it is easy to spread.

Its effect on the environment is controlled with its minimal VOC emissions making it a good paint for your interiors.  2 gallons of this paint can be painted to cover 150 square ft – It’ll remove mold as shown by CDC.


  • Good for hiding imperfections
  • Has minimum VOCs emissions
  • Has non-spatter effect
  • Has low odor
  • Good for interior surfaces


  • Not good for flat surface

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4. Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint

If you have imperfections on your ceiling or wall, you do not replace the whole ceiling because of a mere water stain, scratch, or dent. Glidden paint is designed with a latex formulation ready to fill your surfaces and give a smooth finish.

Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint Check Price on Amazon

The sole aim of the rubber latex in this paint is to aid in filling cracks and sealing other imperfections to achieve an excellent surface – you may apply with a roller.

Basically, applying this paint dries fast and within an hour you have a dried surface that you can touch or apply another coat.

Similarly, this paint has a non-spatter feature that minimizes drips and splashes during application. This is to means, you can perfectly do your painting on the ceiling or wall without the worry about dirtying yourself. It also comes with great coverage whether using a sprayer to apply.

It an excellent choice for application indoors as it produces minimum VOCs and has less odor – low VOC formula


  • Designed with latex formulation
  • Has minimum VOCs
  • Fast drying
  • Non-spatter feature
  • Has less odor
  • Great for covering imperfections


  • Not a quick spreader

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5. Prestige Paint & Primer, 1 Gallon

How does it feel when you paint your house and you have to keep up with the paint fumes for days? Being allergic even makes it worse. However, great products come up every day and Prestige paint is one of them.

Prestige Paint & Primer, 1 Gallon Check Price on Amazon

With 100 % latex, prestige paint can serve either as a paint or a primer. This is an extra score for this paint that saves you the hustle of buying paint and a primer separately. Also, it makes it ideal for use on ceilings, living rooms, and any other interior surfaces.

Additionally, prestige comes in a variety of paints and if your ceiling is stained this stain-blocking primer can work best for you. As you apply it, it’s important to note that some colors may need more than one coat to achieve a smooth surface. With this paint, you get more options for having a smooth coat for indoor rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, and others.

The levels of VOCs on this paint is very low while the odor is also less and varnishes fast with time great for interior surfaces and walls.


  • Fewer VOC emissions
  • Low odor
  • 100 % latex formulation
  • Best for use indoors
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Not suitable for outdoors

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6. Benjamin Moore Premium Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore does not just paint but a brand preferred by corporates and professionals and homeowners who don’t check price tags. Designed as a waterborne paint, it comes in excellence and elegance that diffuses and blends into your room or office.

Benjamin Moore Premium Ceiling Paint Check Price on Amazon

The non-spatter formula also comes with a self-prime feature making this paint a top rank in the ceiling paints. You just need to apply it directly with either a sprayer, roller, or a brush and you get your great flat finish.

Unlike many other paints, this one comes with a microbial-resistant additive ready to resist dust, mold, or mildew formation on your walls or ceilings. Also, this premium paint contains no VOC and a great choice for indoor use.

Being non-selective, you can apply this paint on both new and previously-painted surfaces ranging from the ceiling, tiles, concrete among other surfaces.

Unlike other paints, cleaning is easy even with just fresh water and the paint easily comes off – restoration on the glass.


  • Microbial resistant
  • Non-spatter feature
  • Easy to clean on the primed metal
  • No VOC
  • Premium brand


  • Its costly

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7. Montage Signature Ceiling Paint

You can never go wrong with buying a well-formulated environmentally friendly paint because your safety is guaranteed also guaranteed on it. After application, you do not have to get worried about the smell that disappears faster than you think.

Montage Signature Ceiling Paint Check Price on Amazon

You will also realize that this paint has less VOC that are barely harmful and disappears with time too. Also, you may use vinegar to penetrate and remove the fungus

This paint is also available in many bucket sizes, various finishes (low sheen and semi-gloss) and you can always get your taste. Equally, this paint comes with great coverage and hide. A gallon covers up to 400 square ft. making it efficient for those doing large projects.

Mildews and molds and moisture stains are well-taken care of with the advanced sealing formula. This technology, resists their penetration making it durable. 

However, to achieve a smooth and lasting surface, you will have to apply multiple surfaces. The paint also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty 10 years.


  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Has less VOCs
  • Multi-purpose
  • Low smell
  • Environmental friendly
  • Manufacturers 10 year warranty


  • Applications need several coats

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The above article outlining best paint finish for ceiling will help you in making an informed decision. However, my top recommendation is KILZ Color-Change & Stain blocking Ceiling Paint, for its great features and stain blocking abilities.

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