7 Best Paint for Fiberglass Boats in 2024

Fiberglass enjoys an age-old reputation as a strong and robust material, making it ideal for boat construction- try the best paint for fiberglass boats.

Without a doubt, a boat made of fiberglass guarantees you many years of excellent service provided that you maintain it well. 

Best Paint for Fiberglass Boats

One way to take good care and maintain such a boat is by painting the fiberglass boat regularly. Below is our detailed list of quality Paint for Fiberglass Boats 2024.

s: Top 7 Best Paint for Fiberglass Boats 2024

1. Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

One key factor to consider when choosing paint for your boat is whether it can withstand abrasion and harsh weather conditions.

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The Rust-Oleum 206999 paint perfectly meets that standard because of its sturdy coating.

This coating has not only proven durable, but it also provides your boat with long-term Ultra Violet or UV protection.

It is such a versatile paint because apart from fiberglass, it also works well on metal and wood surfaces fixed above the waterline.

Rust-Oleum thrives on an oil-based formula to enable you to apply it on relevant surfaces with a sense of perfect leveling. For cleaning use the fiberglass cleaner

This container paints a sizable surface, and it can take less than three hours to dry to the touch. It is also endowed with superb gloss retention, which is something that every user would appreciate.


  • Works well on fiberglass, metal, and wood
  • Its UV resistant
  • Super gloss retention
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions


  • It has a strong smell.

For better outcomes, do not apply more than one coat in 24 hours as the paint may dry insufficiently. 

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2. Flexdel 10101 Aquagard Antifoulant Bottom Paint

This is another water-based paint that has unique properties to give your boat a refined and durable luster.

Flexdel 10101 Aquagard Antifoulant Bottom Paint Check Price on Amazon

If you own fiberglass or wooden vessel, this should be your ideal paint. It also does a stellar job on inflatable boats but, of course, without a primer.

As is the case with most water-based paints, applying Flexdel 10101 is quite easy. All you need is a roller, paintbrush, or spray gun to give your battered boat a new lease of life.

It dries pretty fast, is environment friendly, and has ablative action to protect the boat’s underwater parts from barnacles and related water organisms.

Perhaps more encouraging about this paint is its ability to fit in with most bottom paints available in the market. It is also suitable for painting inflatable boats even without using a primer


  • Creates durable coating against growths from water organisms
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Its US EPA approved
  • It is not toxic at all. 


  • None

3. TotalBoat TotalBilge Paint

To paint over your fiberglass boat and get good results, it is imperative to choose the right paint.

TotalBoat TotalBilge Paint Check Price on Amazon

TotalBilge is a one-part epoxy (marine-based) paint manufactured with the bilge areas, bulkhead, and locker in mind – the epoxy-based paint. 

The TotalBoat TotalBilge paint might be your choice because it has unique properties that could turn your discolored boat into a new and valuable asset. 

This paint is easy to apply, and it also dries up pretty fast. Once you’ve used it, you never have to worry much about mildew accumulation and related stains.

Equally attractive about it is the wide surface you can cover. It is available in white and grey colors, and a single gallon could cover roughly 300 sq ft. 

Additionally, it doesn’t entertain acids, solvents, oils, moisture, and alkyds. It is suitable for painting hull, engine rooms, lockers, and wet places on wooden, steel, aluminum boats.


  • You can purchase it in various measures, i.e., gallons and quartz.
  • Resistant to moisture, oils, solvents, and acids
  • Covers a wide area and dries up  pretty fast
  • Easy to clean, and it doesn’t entertain stains and mildew.


  • It has a strong smell that could trigger an allergy.

4. TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint

Refurbishing your fiberglass boat should be a relatively enjoyable task to do if you choose to buy good quality paint like the TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint.

TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint Check Price on Amazon

Most fiberglass boat owners prefer this paint because it maintains its luster for a surprisingly long period.

It has a unique hybrid paint film with a high level of biocide to shield your boat from marine fouling. Such fouling mostly affects the boat parts that lie underneath the water. The paint applies to both wooden and fiberglass boats in fresh and salty water.

Applying TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint is easy as it gives you the option of using the spray, roller, or brush. 

If you choose to brush, then go for a natural thistle brush.

For rolling, take the 3/16’’ nap.

Use the airless paint spray gun for spraying. The conventional equipment is useful too.

Unlike some regular paints, the TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint doesn’t have harsh odors. It is easy to clean, and the water-based component formula is low in VOCs, which means little or no fumes at all.


  • Shields wooden and fiberglass boats in fresh and salty water
  • It is water-based and easy to apply – just like applying these paints
  • Covers up to 400 sq ft per gallon


  • May be pricey for an average spender.

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5. Interlux YBB379/1 Fiberglass Bottomkote NT

The Interlux YBB379/1 fiberglass leverages the dual resin technology to administer a fast dry method that allows you to paint and launch the boat on the same day. 

Interlux YBB379/1 Fiberglass Bottomkote NT Check Price on Amazon

The black-colored paint can be applied on boat surfaces that sink in water, and whether the water is brackish, salty, or fresh; it doesn’t matter. It is also recommended for the wood and metals boat hauls.

This coating reduces unnecessary wear, and with continued use, the boat surface smoothens, making it a cost-effective idea for both power and manual boats.

Another superb feature called slow polish action is instrumental in minimizing the build-up of useless paint.

You won’t go wrong choosing this paint because it works quite well for those looking to save on energy.


  • You are guaranteed of a coating that prevents wear and tear.
  • Energy-efficient and economical
  • Surface smoothes with continued use.


  • May not be as glossy as advertised

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6. TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint

If you have ever used Totalboat products, you know that it is a quality and trustworthy brand.

TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint Check Price on Amazon

This product bypasses all the challenges commonly associated with boat painting to give the breath-taking gloss and beauty.

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Well, then this may be your type of paint because folks in your circle have reported lots of nice experiences with this product.

The paint is durable and highly resistant to stains, chemicals, Ultra Violet damage, and abrasion. It has excellent gloss retention engineered to manifest a measure of flexibility that makes it withstand intense flexing, contraction, and even expansion.

Topside paint is versatile indeed as it works well on metals, fiberglass, already painted surfaces, and wood. It is also recommended for RV exteriors, sailboat hulls, and more. Note, though, that it is not for surfaces that remain submerged for more than 72 hours.

Applying Topside is as easy as it can get. For example, you can get amazing results from the 1- part formula by simply using a roller or brush. Still, you can use a favorable paint spray gun for a quicker job.

Ultimately the tough yet glossy polyurethane finish guarantees you resistance from cracking, peeling off, and fading.


  • Cleaning it  is so easy
  • Allows for the application using different tools
  • Delivers a professional finish
  • You can get it in twenty-one glossy colors.
  • A gallon may cover 350 – 400 square feet.


  • May not give excellent results without its primer.
  • May sound expensive for the average spender.

7. Aquaguard Water-based Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint

This product promises to give you great value for your money partly due to its superb VOC standards. US EPA approved and is manufactured with non-toxic fumes making it safe for users with any allergic reactions. 

Aquaguard Water-based Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint Check Price on Amazon

That notwithstanding, it is recommended that you always don protective gear when undertaking a painting task. These include protective eyeglasses, gloves, and a respiratory mask.

The Aquaguard Waterbase is loaded with ablative action to counter barnacles and related forms of marine organism growth.

It is easy to wash since all you need is soap and water. Apply it on an inflatable boat without a primer for better results


  • US EPA approved
  • Designed for ablative action
  • Good on wood and fiberglass boats
  • Delivers a fine and long-lasting finish
  • So easy to clean


  • May is not a good pick for users with a small budget.


Everyone wants to see their fiberglass boat looking sleek, glossy, and in the best shape possible – enamel paints and single-part polyurethane are prefferd.

This means you have to adopt modern care and maintenance practices that keep it free from aquatic and related wear and tear elements.

The boat will, in turn, give you many years of excellent service delivery. To achieve this, it is essential to choose the right paint with a reputable brand. We trust that the above seven best paint for fiberglass boats 2024 article are useful in that sense

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