How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Painting protects primary material from damage and eliminates external agents that weaken the structural strength. However, costing kitchen cabinet paintwork may not be easy, especially when wrong data is estimated. How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

So, how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets? Well, the painting cost for kitchen cabinets ranges from $700 to $2200. However, the cost of repainting, the cost may rise up to $400. 

But the answer varies with the size of the cabinet, location, type of paint to be used, and the quality of finish expected eventually.

When planning for your painting work, you need to account for the cost of material and tools required, labor cost, transport cost, the cost associated with a method of painting (is it spray painting or use of a paintbrush/roller?), and miscellaneous costs.

Moreover, you need to familiarize yourself with the costs of various paints, the cost of repainting, painting cost per square foot, and the overall painting cost that you may end up incurring; for your own budget purpose. 

Details: How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Remember, cabinet painting costs may vary from place to place due to economic factors. Therefore, it’s important to keep yourself up to date with painting trends in your area.

a. Cost of Material and Tools

Material cost and tools are the primary need for any painting activity to be undertaken since the quote gives the aerial view of the initial cost needed.

When selecting material, you will need to consult a professional painter (in case you are new to painting) or contract a painter to do the task.

Material or Tool Average Cost
1. Cabinet paint $50
2. Cabinet Primer (if needed) $32
3. Paint Thinner $12
4. Paint Scraper (for paint restoration) $2
5. Paint Brush $6
6. Paint Roller (Alternative) $16
7. Paint Sprayer (Alternative) $145
8. Overall $40
9. Boots $120
10. Respirator $36
11. Gloves $22
12. Bucket or Container $14
13. Water – 10 liters $5

b. Labor Cost

Labor cost is a function of the nature of the agreement – is it a contract-based or hourly charge rate? Usually, the labor cost range from $0.5 to $20 per square foot according to the nature of your cabinet material.

Rough cabinet material required a lot of surface preparation before actual preparation is carried out. Therefore, a professional painter will tend to charge slightly more.

In order to estimate the labor cost of your cabinet painting, you will need to measure and calculate the total surface area to be painted. This particular approach is necessary as it will also help you in accounting for the quantity of paint to purchase.

Remember, the quoted labor cost doesn’t incorporate the transport cost – for those painters coming from far, you may need to go deeper into your pocket.

Alternatively, you may agree to charge your painting cost per day – the standard rate is about $200 to $500 per day at most.

Further, you may opt to fix your paintwork at an hourly rate where you pay your professional painter somewhere between $20 to $54 per hour.

c. Miscellaneous Cost

Miscellaneous costs are costs that may be incurred and not accounted for in the budget.

It’s necessary to always have an extra side budget when planning for your kitchen cabinet painting since most times, the budget always spills over the actual plan.

For example, the paint may run short, and there you may need to buy more from a local vendor, or the paint/thinner may even spill when painting accidentally.

The transport costs associated with miscellaneous purchases were not in the initial budget too – failure to meet such costs affects the project’s completion time and hence the overall cost is increased.

You can always set aside $50 to $70 for a miscellaneous costs plan.

d. Transport Cost

Depending on where your home is located, the transport cost will also vary – the far the kitchen (home) the higher the transport cost. Moreover, the cost of transporting the material and tools needed is determined by the quantity ordered.

You will pay more if the quantities ordered are more – unless the seller offers after-sales services. Transport costs also include the cost of ferrying the painter to your home and back.

Otherwise, such costs will be accounted for in labor costing. In case you are buying a few materials and tools, it’s advisable to purchase them from a nearby retailer/vendor.

However, for large quantities, it’s recommended that you buy them from manufacturers or wholesalers in order to enjoy after-sales services and other discounts.

The transport may cost you about $13 to $60 per mile depending on the road infrastructure in your locality.

e. Painting Cost per Foot

The average painting costs per square foot range between $3 to $24. The cost entails, labor and paint needed. The cost may vary slightly upward, especially when there is inflation of products within the economy.

Besides, the kitchen cabinets (under paint reinforcement) may cost more per foot since the labor cost is increased and the bonding primer (which at times is an option) is always used to attain a quality finish.

Importantly, the complexity of your cabinet design calls for more painting costs (up to $20 additional costs per square foot) since the paint application process becomes more cumbersome to a professional painter.

f. Spray Paint Cost

Spray painting is slightly expensive as compared to the use of a paintbrush or a roller (when painting your kitchen cabinets) since the prayer requires power and a professional for quality results.

To undertake spray painting, you will have to purchase or hire a paint sprayer – the hiring cost range between $20 to $35, while the purchasing cost of a paint sprayer maybe somewhere between $18 to $1500 – it’s a matter of the size and efficiency you need.

On average, it’s advisable to consider hiring a paint sprayer instead of purchasing one – unless you are intending to use the sprayer for commercial purposes.

g. Roller or Brush Painting Cost

By using a roller or a paintbrush, you will lower the paint cost by half since the power bills and professional sprayer operator may not be needed.

The cost of paint using a paintbrush or a roller ranges between $2.5 to $7.5 per square foot.

The extent to which the cost varies when painting using a roller or a paintbrush is determined by the cabinet’s design and ease to use a bush (when painting) without obstacles. 

h. Repaint Cost

The average cost of repainting a kitchen cabinet ranges from $800 to $3500. The cost entails, the labor cost (surface preparation, sanding, and polishing, actual paint application), material, and tools needed.

In case your cabinet requires partial repair, you may need to pay more (up to $100) for repair material and another reinforcement before actual painting is undertaken.

Repainting kitchen cabinets is always a cumbersome process (especially kitchen found in the sooty area).

Therefore, most professional painters tend to charge slightly higher than normal paint application rates. 

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What are Major Kitchen Cabinet Painting Considerations?

Before commencing your kitchen cabinet’s paintworks, it’s advisable to consider some of these factors:

1. Expected Quality

Every homeowner desires to have quality painted kitchen cabinets though this is not always the case due to other limiting factors highlighted below:

  • Price. The quality finish coat is a function of quality paint, which is more expensive. Most homeowners aren’t willing to pay extra.
  • You are therefore needed to come to terms with the quality of finish coat you need to attain and match that with the cost.
  • Scuff and peel-resistant paint. Though costly such paints deliver a quality paint coat that resists chipping when used in humid areas too.
  • Wear-resistant. Top-quality paint should resist wear and tear in case of abrasive force. Usually, the best quality paint sticks strongly and limits drains or scratches.
  • Appearance longevity. The quality finish coat should resist color fading and maintain the initial paint color.
  • Water, dirt, and grime resistance. A quality painted kitchen cabinet should resist water, dirt, or grime upon contact.

2. Choice of Paint Type to Use

The paint type for the kitchen cabinet could either be oil-based or water-based – the choice depends on the type of quality finish you intend to achieve and the location of your kitchen cabinets.

Oil-based paint should not be used on cabinets found near the fireplace, while water-based paint should be used on kitchen cabinets located away from the water point.

Otherwise, waterproofing is mandatory. When selecting your paint choice, consider other factors listed below:

Water-based paint or latex paint

  • Easier to apply
  • More comfortable to thin
  • Fast drying
  • Easier to strip
  • Fade-resistant
  • Low VOCs

Oil-based paint or Acrylic Paint

  • Not susceptible to wear and tear
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fast drying and more comfortable to apply
  • Minimal VOCs
  • Integrates alkyds resins
  • Easier to remove

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3. Color to Use

Paints are manufactured in endless color options and combinations that are more challenging when it comes to cabinet paint matching. However, some of the common cabinet colors include:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • White
  • Sky-blue

4. Quantity Needed

The quantity of paint needed to coat your kitchen cabinets is determined by the total surface area. Usually, one gallon covers 400 square feet.

As said earlier, the 1st step in determining the cost of painting your kitchen cabinets is to take the overall measurement (both interior and exterior surface) and compute the surface area where possible.

Then, equate one gallon to 400 square feet and divide it with the total surface area to get the total paint gallons needed to paint your kitchen cabinets completely. Remember, net paint quantity should have extra 3 or 4 gallons to cater for any spillage or drains.

How to Choose a Professional Painter for Your Kitchen Cabinet Painting Job

Perhaps you are new to painting; consider some of the following factors when choosing the best professional painter:

  1. Should be in a position to offer warranty for labor and material
  2. Should have a great work portfolio
  3. They should be insured in case of an accident
  4. Should have a high rating in a matter of painting and home improvement
  5. Should be in a position to set up clear quotation and costing
  6. One should offer clear communication concerning the work at hand
  7. Should be able to calculate for material and equipment needed
  8. Should be fair in labor cost and minimizes other expenditures
  9. They should be able to keep you updated on the progress – clear report. 

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In summary, on how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets, the cost is a function of the size of the cabinet to be painted, the location, type of paint to be used, and the finish quality expected at the end.

When planning for your painting work, you need to account for the cost of material and tools required, transport cost, labor cost, the cost associated with a particular method of painting (is it spray painting or use of a paintbrush/roller?), and miscellaneous costs. 

Besides, you have to familiarize yourself with current paint costs (in your locality), cost of repainting, painting cost per square foot, and the net painting cost that you may incur eventually; for budgeting purposes.

Painting costs vary from place to place due to economic factors. Therefore, it’s advisable to adjust your cost estimates in relation to the current location.

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