7 Best Exterior Primer Paint in 2024

By choosing to read this article on the best exterior primer paint, you will acquire both paint application skills and high-quality paint for your DIY project or exterior painting work. Usually, priming is crucial after surface preparation to improve paint stickiness and eliminate cases of peeling or scuffing. Best Exterior Primer Paint

The primer of your choice should be fast drying, more comfortable to prepare and apply, scratch-resistant, fade-free, durable, high stickiness ability, and packed in the right quantity that will sufficiently cover your area under paint application.

Besides, go for an eco-friendly primer, affordable, mold/mildew-resistant (for the wet or humid area), odor-free, and supplied in various selectable colors. Notably, match the primer selected with exterior structure or wall under paint application. To acquire detailed information, let us get started. See Also: Exterior wood stain.

s: Top 7 Best Exterior Primer Paint in 2024

1. KILZ Premium High-Hide Exterior Latex Primer

KILZ Premium is a water-based primer that features a simple molecular formulation, which is more comfortable to prepare and apply without any problem. You will love the classic white color in which KILZ Premium comes with – it leaves an impressive paint finish layer.

Best Exterior Primer Paint Check Price on Amazon

Indeed, KILZ Premium integrates low VOC components (low odor) that won’t irritate your nasal cavity during the application process. Moreover, the primer is packed in a 1-gallon container, which guarantees you wide-area coverage up to 400 square feet.

KILZ Premium is fast-drying and will not only seal exterior surfaces but also block stained sections entirely. Further, KILZ is tint-able and comes with unmatched durability – one coat layer guarantees you extended service life.

By selecting KILZ Premium, you will reduce peeling, scuffing, or chipping action – the primer sticks firmly on the exterior structures and resists water/moisture from the surface. You can easily clean KILZ Premium (while still wet) by wiping off stained areas without thinning.

NB: KILZ Premium is budget-friendly and works best on metallic surface priming.


  • It’s packed in a portable container – has a comfortable handle
  • Integrates seal and stain blocking properties
  • More comfortable to prepare and apply
  • Has Low VOC and simple water-based formulation
  • Comes with unmatched durability and impressive color
  • Offers excellent adhesion – it’s peel resistant
  • Forms a smooth fine finish coat
  • Can be tinted without any problem
  • It’s best for exterior metal surface
  • Covers approximately 400 square feet per gallon
  • Has low odor and budget-friendly


  • Comes in white color only
  • The packages should be more for commercial use

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2. Rust-Oleum Corporation 02001 Water Base Primer

Rust-Oleum 02001 is a modern grade acrylic paint that features complex chemical formula, which works instantly on exterior surfaces without affecting primary surface material. The solvent is self-agitated to improve the penetration rate and works on all surfaces without sanding process.

Rust-Oleum Corporation 02001 Water Base Primer Check Price on Amazon

You will love the impressive finish coat delivered by Rust-Oleum 02001 (it’s fine and scratch-resistant). The low volatile organic compounds integrated with this primer won’t cause respiratory discomfort (when inhaled) or irritate your skin upon contact – for outdoor wood furniture

Unlike another oil-based primer, Rust-Oleum 02001 integrates mold & mildew resistance properties and inhibits rust occurrences when used over exterior metal surfaces. Indeed, Rust-Oleum 02001 has high stickiness ability and improved fade-resistant capacity that maintains its initial aesthetic impression for a longer time.

With Rust-Oleum 02001, you will seal and block porous surface completely and eliminate peeling, scuffing, or chipping that’s pronounced in a wet/humid environment upon application. More so, Rust-Oleum 02001 is fast-drying (dries in one hour) and highly portable – comes with a comfortable suspension handle.


  • It dries in one hour and leaves no drains on the surface
  • Comes with a quick-action chemical formulation
  • Forms a tough coat finish – scratch/fade-resistant
  • Works for all exterior surfaces without any problem
  • It’s more comfortable to prepare – has a water-based formula
  • Does not require sanding before application
  • Comes with attractive white color and it’s tint-able
  • Won’t cause nasal discomfort or skin irritation
  • It’s mildew/mold resistant and inhibits rusting


  • The package could be more – 1-gallon only
  • It’s available in white color only

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3. MAD DOG MDP100 Exterior Primer

MAD DOG MDP100 is a dura-prime solvent that features super-active ingredients, which break instantly upon contact. The high penetrative catalysts added in this compound quicken drying time and eliminate drain stagnation during the application process.

MAD DOG MDP100 Exterior Primer Check Price on Amazon

Indeed, MAD DOG MDP100 is simple to dilute and sticks firmly on exterior surfaces strongly, thus reducing chances of peeling and chipping. You can use Mad Dog on any surface (peeling surface, new surface, or weathered surface) without facing any stickiness or run problem.

Unlike KILZ, MAD DOG MDP100 comes with thick adhesive properties that block surface damage/holes/porous section and resist rust formation on the primary surface layer. Furthermore, the solvent is ideal for masonry, metal, or wood exterior priming just like with turbine paint sprayer

By selecting MAD DOG MDP100, you stand to enjoy 20 years of surface protection on one or two coat applications (long-lasting). The alligatoring and scuffing problems resulting from low-grade paint is completely eliminated by using MAD DOG MDP100 on your exterior priming activities.

The USA made primer forms a classic final finish, which is both water-resistant and dustproof. Importantly, MAD DOG MDP100 is tint-able and more convenient to remove.


  • Comes with super active ingredients – quick-acting
  • Sticks firmly on the surface without forming drains/runs
  • It’s long-lasting – one coat last 20 years
  • It’s tint-able and more comfortable to remove
  • Features simple water-based formula – easier to dilute
  • Eliminates peeling and scuffing challenges
  • Forms a strong waterproof coat finish
  • Best for all types of exterior surfaces – wood, metal, or weathered surfaces
  • Seals and block porous surface excellently
  • Has low VOC – won’t cause nasal irritation
  • Has a comfortable handle for portability


  • Unsuitable for large scale priming
  • Has limited selectable colors

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4. KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Interior/Exterior Latex Primer

KILZ-2 is a multiple-surface latex primer that features refined grain additives, which improve surface stickiness ability and eliminate the occurrence of drains or runs during application.

KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Interior/Exterior Latex Primer Check Price on Amazon

The simple chemical formulation that comes with KILZ-2 is more comfortable to dilute – you can thin with water thinner or otherwise directed by the manufacturer.

You will love the fine finish coat delivered by KILZ-2 and incredible surface sheen, which makes your exterior paintwork stand out among others. The low volatile organic compounds integrated into KILZ-2 won’t cause nasal discomfort or irritate your skin upon contact.

Moreover, KILZ-2 guarantees you excellent adhesive contact (high-stickiness level) and covers the previously painted prime layer entirely – it’s opaque. Apart from sealing the surface pores, KILZ-2 also blocks stains (medium-light stains) and damaged sections sufficiently on a single coat application.

Peeling, scuffing, and chipping problems are completely removed by using KILZ-2 – you actually need to apply a single coat and leave it to cure within one hour before repainting where necessary. More so, KILZ-2 protects the exterior surface from mildew/mold growth and resists color fading when exposed to direct sun radiations.


  • It is packed in a portable 1-gallon container
  • Comes with high refined grains additives
  • Has high stickiness ability and peel-resistant
  • It repels dust and moisture content upon application
  • It blocks mild to medium stains and seals the porous surface
  • More comfortable to apply and remove
  • Has low VOC components – won’t irritate your nasal cavity
  • Resist mildew/mold and eliminated chipping action
  • Dries in one hour and it’s simple to prepare
  • Works with alkyds, oil-based, or water-based paint nicely
  • Can be used either interior or exterior


  • The paint quantity could be more – comes in 3.79-liter can
  • Available in white color only
  • Doesn’t prevent UV-rays damage

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5. Armaly Brands 2000 Bulls Eye Primer

Armaly Brands 2000 is a low odor water-based primer that integrates natural ingredients, which boost the surface stickiness during application. The solvent compound features a complex chemical formula that breaks instantly upon contact.

Armaly Brands 2000 Bulls Eye Primer Check Price on Amazon

Indeed, Armaly Brands 2000 is agitated to improve surface penetration and adhesive action. Armaly Brands 2000 comes with self-leveling properties (no runs or drains) and flexible acrylic formula that resists peeling and blistering.

Moreover, you will eliminate surface chipping if you consider using Armaly Brands 2000 in a humid or wet environment – the water repellent properties maintain the surface-paint contact dry. You will not only seal graffiti from the exterior wall by using Armaly Brands 2000, but you will also inhibit rust from newly painted metal.

Armaly Brands 2000 can be applied directly over all kinds of surfaces without sanding – the solvent penetrates smoothly on the primary surface and seals any porous section instantly. Upon application, Armaly Brands 2000 forms a classic tough film that is mildew and mold resistant.

NB: Armaly Brands 2000 is budget-friendly and covers a wide surface area.


  • Integrates natural ingredients and simple to prepare
  • Resist mold and mildew growth
  • It’s self-leveling – won’t form drains/runs
  • Can be applied directly without sanding
  • Seals and blocks porous pores on the surface
  • Comes with flexible acrylic formula – peel resistant
  • Don’t form blisters on the surface or chip
  • The chemical formulation is self-activating
  • It’s more comfortable to apply and remove
  • Has stand-alone container design – portable
  • It’s odor-free and environmentally friendly
  • Best for both commercial and small scale priming


  • Has limited selectable colors
  • Not best exterior for metal surface

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6. Valspar 18205 Pristine Exterior Primer

Valspar 18205 is a modern grade primer that features a complex chemical formulation, which breaks instantly upon contact. The low odor solvent is engineered with clear science technology that repels dust and debris from the surface upon application.

Valspar 18205 Pristine Exterior Primer Check Price on Amazon

By choosing Valspar 18205, you will eliminate costs associated with frequent priming (forms a tough durable coat layer) and peeling/chipping challenges that are common in low-quality primers usage. Paint dripping and scuffing worries will be sorted efficiently if you consider Valspar 18205 as your number one exterior work primer.

Valspar 18205 comes with ultra-bond integration (improves stickiness action) and clear base formula that leaves an impressive final finish layer. Further, the primer is dedicated to offering a premium grade resilient coat layer that resists water/moisture and fading with time.

The low VOC compound is certified for human application safety (won’t cause nasal or skin irritation upon contact) and works incredibly when tinted. Besides, Valspar 18205 doesn’t form unnecessary runs when painting or create blisters on the surface upon curing.

Importantly, Valspar 18205 is packed in a 3.43-liter container, which is highly portable and stable.


  • Comes with low VOC components – no respiratory irritation
  • Forms impressive surface finish coat and scratch-resistant
  • Guarantees an ultra-bond integration – high stickiness
  • It’s engineered with clear science tech – improves outlook
  • Has improved portability – has a comfortable handle
  • Packed in a 3.43-liter container and stable base design
  • Doesn’t form drain/runs during application
  • Durable coat and affordable


  • It’s available in limited colors
  • The primer is not UV-ray protected
  • The package could be larger for commercial use

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7. Rust-Oleum 8781502  Flat Aluminum Primer

Rust-Oleum 8781502 is a latex primer that features highly refined aluminum grains integration, which coats metal surfaces excellently without dripping. The solvent is formulated with self-activating catalysts that quicken stickiness action and eliminate blisters formation.

Rust-Oleum 8781502  Flat Aluminum Primer Check Price on Amazon

Consider Rust-Oleum 8781502 when painting all exterior metal surfaces (especially galvanized surface) since the primer forms a tough, resilient coat layer that is waterproof and long-lasting on single coat application.

Unlike other low-grade latex paint, Rust-Oleum 8781502 guarantees you unmatched performance when using it in all-weather conditions – the primer resists rusting in wet areas and fading in sunny climatic conditions.

The modern grade primer has oil-based integration (works for both acrylic and latex finish paint) and a simple molecular combination that makes it more comfortable to prepare. Indeed, the primer can be cleaned easily (when still wet) by wiping it off without creating permanent stains.

Rust-Oleum 8781502 won’t cause respiratory irritation if inhaled and it’s dedicated to deliver incredible durability on a single coat application. Furthermore, you will love the classic surface finish (scratch-resistant) rendered by Rust-Oleum 8781502 eventually – it stands out as compared to other latex paint like Kilz-2.

By choosing to use Rust-Oleum 8781502 for your exterior priming activity, you will not only eliminate peeling, chipping, and scuffing problems, but also save on costs associated with the paint restoration process. The 946-liter container package that comes with Rust-Oleum 8781502 will paint approximately 95 square feet if utilized appropriately.

Notably, Rust-Oleum 8781502 is affordable and offers excellent adhesion.


  • It’s more comfortable to prepare and apply
  • Best for exterior metal surface application
  • Forms a long-lasting coat finish – waterproof
  • Works with both latex and acrylic paint
  • Does not cause peeling or scuffing with time
  • It’s dirt/dust-resistant and fade-free
  • Comes with low VOC components
  • It’s easier to clean when wet and attractive
  • Has self-activating properties and fine grains
  • It’s budget-friendly and highly-penetrating


  • Unsuitable for concrete or wood surface
  • May cause skin or eye irritation upon contact
  • Comes in one color only – flat aluminum

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Purchasing the best exterior primer paint is paramount in attaining the extended service life of a particular surface upon paint application. Exterior structures/surfaces like ceiling, deck, fence, concrete wall, and roofing should be painted with primer initially to improve finish paint stickiness action. Priming exterior structures reduce peeling, chipping, and scuffing challenges upon paint application.

During primer paint selection, consider factors such as the net quantity, available colors, VOCs level, drying time, environmental effect, ease to apply and remove, the area covered, and UV rays protection. Besides, go for a portable paint package, odor-free, scratch-resistant, durable, and fade-resistant.

Importantly, oil-based primers should be prioritized in extreme environments such as rainy or humid places to keep moisture and prevent adverse paint damage on your doors

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