7 Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses 2024

Today’s article is about Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses. Being an Overweight nurse shouldn’t discourage you from doing the good work of attending to your patients. You just need to invest in supportive and comfortable walking shoes that would take you through the long working hours.

Picking the correct footwear can help alleviate pressure on your feet, hence prevent common conditions like foot pain, supination, plantar fascia, and lower back pain, which mostly come because of the extra weight.

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Review: 7 Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

1. New Balance Women’s 928 V3 Walking Shoe – Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

The New Balance Women’s 928 V3 provides a supportive and comfortable walking experience. You can actually wear the shoe for prolonged hours without feeling any discomfort. It has a supportive base that ensures you remain stable as you attend to your patients.

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The 928 V3 features durable Ndurance rubber on its outsole. Thus, the outsole provides needed traction on various surfaces including all hospital surfaces. The sole also doesn’t leave scratches on polished floors.

The Walking Strike Path design guide your feet during walking to ensure you have a smooth heel to toe transition. Flex grooves located at the base of the sole ensure natural movement of feet while providing additional grip.

The upper of 928 v3 features a durable leather material. The material provides needed support to your feet while reinforcing the shape of the upper. The vamp region has small perforations that aid in air circulation.

The toe box and midfoot areas have leather overlays that protect the shoes against abrasion while offering extra lateral support when you tighten the laces.

The midsole features ABZORB technology that helps in shock attenuation to prevent pain on your lower back. The polyurethane (PU) sockliner is removable and allows you to insert orthotics. The anti-microbial properties in the sockliner prevent disease-causing microorganisms and odors.


  • A comfortable shoe for prolonged walking and standing
  • Offers excellent arch support
  • Available in various widths
  • Can insert own orthotics
  • Relieves foot pain and other discomforts
  • Provides stable platform
  • Features high-quality materials
  • Provides good cushioning


  • Some people found the style of this shoe unappealing
  • Others considered it too expensive
  • Some complained of durability issues like the outsole deteriorated after few months of use


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2. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 23 WAVE KNIT Running shoe

The Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 23 is another great shoe for overweight nurses. The shoe offers comfort and support while walking. Most people love the Rider 23 because of its excellent breathability, flexibility, and protection.

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The well-knitted upper of Rider 23 features DynamotionFit technology that ensures a secure fit and prevents buckling of the heel collar during walking or running. The Waveknit upper construction naturally stretches with your foot without compromising on breathability.

To ensure extra comfort on the underfoot, the Wave Rider 23 features a unique U4icX Strobel Lasting board. The Anatomical Sockliner provides you a softer feel inside the shoe while ensuring excellent cushioning.

The midsole of Mizuno WaveKnit 3 has SmoothRide technology that incorporates U4icX and U4ic. The U4ic is a compound that delivers lightweight comfort. The U4icX contributes to the shoe’s high responsiveness.

The Rider 23 also incorporates the Mizuno Wave technology in its construction. This cushioning helps in shock attenuation while providing a stable run for injury risk-free walks. The flex controllers on the outsole increase the shoe’s flexibility while

The outsole uses a full-blown rubber compound that provides superior traction and protection against abrasion. The rubber compound also provides underfoot cushioning. The heel section features the X10 carbon rubber that provides extra traction and helps to reduce the overall weight of the shoe.


  • Lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Delivers excellent traction
  • Exceptional cushioning


  • A customer complained that the padding on the ankle section was a bit bulky

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3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 also finds its spot on the best shoes for overweight nurses. It’s highly comfortable and comes with superior technologies that allow it to withstand prolonged standing or walking.

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The outsole of Nimbus 18 features AHAR™, which is a durable rubber compound that can withstand wear and tear of daily use. The lightweight outsole delivers reliable traction and protection against abrasion.

The outsole also features deep flex grooves that contribute to the shoe’s responsiveness encouraging the foot to move naturally. The grooves also provide additional traction, especially on wet or dry surfaces. It also facilitates a smooth heel to toe transition.

In addition, the upper of Nimbus 18 features an engineered mesh that provides a lightweight and breathable experience. The upper also holds the foot securely. The Nimbus 18 also has a padded heel collar that holds the heel securely in place preventing the foot from slipping while walking.

The lacing system allows you to adjust the shoe to your comfort level. This helps you to avoid foot irritation or pressure joints. The toe box is also wide enough to accommodate wide feet.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Gel™ technology midsole. This technology provides needed cushioning while helping in shock absorption. The technology also responds to your natural gait for a more responsive ride.

The shoe also utilizes soft FlyteFoam material that’s 55% lighter than other cushioning materials. It offers extra cushioning and support to the foot. Trusstic™ technology provides needed stability.


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • has a spacious toe box
  • Ideal for walking or standing for long hours
  • Stylish


  • Expensive

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4. Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

Skechers Men’s Equalizer is perfect for overweight male nurses who are looking for comfort, support, and a shoe that would take them through their busy day.

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The shoe is a mix of textile and synthetic that gives the upper the stylish-casual look. The sole is synthetic and doesn’t leave scuff marks on surfaces. It also provides traction on various surfaces.

The Memory foam insole provides underfoot cushioning and support. This feature allows the shoe to withstand long hours of walking and standing.

The midsole unit has FlexSole compound that’s lightweight and provides needed shock attenuation while protecting your feet against hard ground impact.


  • Slip-on shoe
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Provides excellent shock absorption
  • Ideal for standing or walking for hours


  • A customer complained that the insole after months of use

5. Saucony Women’s Triumph Iso 5 Running Shoe

This long-distance running shoe offers excellent cushioning, comfort, and fit. Overweight nurses can wear the Saucony Triumph Iso 5 for their daily long hours routine without the usual tear and tear experienced by other shoe brands.

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Most obese women swear by the support and comfort the Triumph Iso 5 provides while walking or running.

The upper section of Triumph ISO 5 utilizes jacquard mesh, which is a cloth-like fabric that allows fresh air into the shoe for the comfortable walking experience. The padded tongue and collar cushion the upper section of the foot while providing additional comfort and support.

The midsole features EVERUN cushioning whose work is to offer support to your feet while maintaining cushioning during walking or running. Above the impact-mitigating platform, you’ll find the EVERUN Topsole layer. This layer adds extra energy to the wearer’s foot invigorating each step you take.

The Triumph ISO 5 also features FORM FIT footbed that provides crucial support and comfort to the underfoot.

The outsole features Tri-Flex Crystal rubber that protects against wear and tear. It also provides underfoot cushioning while providing reliable traction on various surfaces. The Zigzag flex grooves enhance the bendability of the base for a more comfortable walking experience.


  • Offers excellent support
  • Breathable upper
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Roomy toe box
  • Comfortable


  • Some people with narrow feet found the shoe too wide.

6. Skechers Sport Women’s Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women’s Memory Foam Sneaker is also ideal for overweight nurses. This slip-on comfortable shoe is supportive, well-cushioned, and can withstand walking or standing for prolonged hours.

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The upper of the shoe is 100% Faux leather that features a mesh fabric construction that allows free flow of air into the shoe ensuring your feet remain fresh and dry throughout your shift.

The outsole features a durable outsole that provides important traction on various surfaces. The outsole also protects the shoe against abrasion. The outsole also has Flex grooves that provide extra grip while encouraging the foot to maintain natural motion.

The memory form insole provides needed underfoot cushioning for extra comfort and support to your feet while walking.


  • Breathable upper
  • Comfortable
  • Cushioned
  • Durable
  • Reliable traction
  • Lightweight


  • Some customers complained that The memory foam is not durable

7. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker is ideal for overweight male nurses who crave all-day comfort during the long working hours. Most heavyweight people agree that the shoe relieves stress and pressure on feet while alleviating common discomforts.

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The outsole unit of Brooks Addiction Walker features an exceptional slip-resistant compound that can withstand walking on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and many others. Around the forefoot section, there’s an MC Pod construction that allows safe foot contact with the walking surface. This means you can maintain a stable and balanced position during walking.

The upper features full-grain leather material. This material is durable and provides a soft comfortable feel for the feet. The interior of the shoe features soft breathable fabric that allows fresh air into the shoe allowing your feet to stay cool throughout your shift.

The midsole of this addiction walker features BioMoGo DNA that provides needed cushioning and support. The shoe also has a DNA compound that has the ability to change depending on the amount of force or pressure applied. This means, when an overweight walker wears the shoe, the DNA firms the shoe to protect the feet from any injury.


  • Best shoes for walking
  • Highly comfortable
  • Reliable arch support
  • Relieves common discomforts like foot pain
  • Durable
  • Accommodates custom orthotics
  • Stylish


  • Some customers complained the shoe is heavy and unappealing

Buyers’ Guide For Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

The best Shoes for obese women should be supportive. Choose a shoe with engineered mesh construction that allows air circulation. Heel counter prevents accidental shoe removal and holds the feet securely in place. Consider the following factors


When buying the best shoe for overweight nurses comfort should be your priority. You wouldn’t want to go around wearing uncomfortable shoes. Your job involves lots of walking, standing, or even running in times of emergencies. With that kind of an environment, it’s important you invest in shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and cushioned.

When looking for comfortable shoes, consider the breathability of the footwear. The shoes should allow free entry of air inside so that your feet remain fresh always.

Another factor is a roomy toe box. For maximum comfort, your toes or your feet should be able to move naturally.  If you have wide feet, you need to check the size of the forefoot and weather the interior of the shoe is spacious.

The Outsole

Ensure that the shoes you choose have a stable and flexible platform. A good outsole should provide traction on various surfaces while protecting the shoe from excess wear and tear.

A good outsole also provides needed support to your feet, knees, and ankles while alleviating lower back pain. The best walking shoes for heavy women and men should have maximum stability and security to protect you from harsh surfaces.

Excellent Cushioning

Overweight men and women need well-cushioned shoes that will help cushion them against the excess weight. Thus prevent, exerting excess pressure on muscle, joints, or the back. Also, consider getting shoes that are lightweight. Lightweight shoes put less pressure on your feet while allowing you to walk around with ease.


I hope that this review on the best shoes for overweight nurses has been helpful. Being heavy shouldn’t discourage you from doing what you do best. Just ensure you’re comfortable and have shoes that will allow you to walk around with ease. All the reviewed shoes on this list will provide you the crucial support and comfort you need to get through your long shift.

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