What are HVLP Sprayers used for?

HVLP Sprayers or (high-volume, low-pressure spray guns) are used for furniture finishing, building painting, marine finishing, and auto refinishing for a finer finish and less overspray. What are HVLP Sprayers used for

Spray guns are mainly linked to a compressor that’ll help propel the paint aggressively onto its target – but this may cause only less than 50-percent landing on the desired project. 

The air-pressurized gun is made up of a compressor, nozzle, and a paint basin. The painter presses the gun trigger allowing the paint and compressed air to mix – and the mixture is released as a spray. 

What is an HVLP spray gun?

The HVLP (High-Volume Low-Pressure) spray gun is similar to your normal spray gun but it has a compressor for air-supply to create an aerosolize propelling paint with lower air pressure. 

HVLP sprayers come in two types; conversion system (for controlled spray) and dedicated system (with a turbine for finish-atomization). 

In comparison, conventional sprayers will create an atomized paint mist that is fine and thinner but the HVLP sprayer will give large droplets and a thicker coating because of the lower pressure. 

What are HVLP Sprayers used for?

1. HVLP – Furniture finishing 

The paint is sprayed or released at relatively low pressure – and thus the gun produces less overspray – this reduces material wastage and also minimizes air pollution. 

HVLP Sprayers is great for finishing furniture – which requires excellent precision and thus may be stressful. The HVLP will give a suitable visual effect and even coatings to your furniture. 

Due to the low-pressure paint release, you can hold the HVLP sprayer near the furniture, and thus it is possible to spread your paint with great precision for better coverage. 

  • Therefore, the HVLP paint sprayers will be excellent for your furniture-finishing projects with a fine + high-quality finish including on door jams, cabinets, doors, and furniture. 
  • You can use the sprayer effectively on smaller garden-painting projects like on plant pots, chairs, and tables – plus you may use them for painting or staining fences, ceilings, and walls. 

The ATTACH HVLP Gun is a beginner-friendly Sprayer that I recommend for furniture finishing  – it is also an electric sprayer offering great versatility. 

YATTICH Paint Sprayer, 700W High Power HVLP Spray Gun Check Price on Amazon

YATTICH will be reliable for painting fences, garage doors, and furniture – it has three varied spray patterns + its five nozzles of different sizes (1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, & 3.0 mm) are made from copper. 

Because the nozzles are manufactured from copper, you can easily paint over different materials such as plastic and give you top block-resistance and durability. 

You can twist the sprayer’s air cap to choose the desired spray patterns of the possible three. For more precise painting, twist the flow-control knob to play around with the flow rate of the material.

Further, since the sprayer is a high-quality piece, you’ll use it for longer to paint your furniture. The double-layer design promotes safety and enhances insulation.

2. HVLP – Painting your Buildings

HVLP sprayers will be great both for architectural work and renovating transportation constructions. It gives an even coating with the right nozzle for painting buildings with different paints. 

For example, you may use the HVLP sprayer for the application of inconsistent or layers of drywall mud – either outdoor or indoor – and you won’t get overspray

To effectively use the HVLP sprayer, consider things like high-volume air-cap (high CFM), check if there are a fluid nozzle and different air-cap setups. 

  • The HVLP sprayers will be great with different clear-wood finishes, house primers, and paints. Thus, the painting outcome is challenging to duplicate using various tools. 
  • Start the spraying process by thinning and stirring the primers and paints – allow thin consistency for a fine mist allowing atomization – but thick for suitable thickness and build. 

For the oil base varnishes, Alkyd paints, and Acrylic paint requires you to stir the paints for about 20 to 25 seconds – but you may get some viscosity cup for reliability and accuracy. 

The viscosity cup will be fully submerged in spray coating – you may use some cardboard piece to practice – but alter the volume and air pressure. 

  • The filtered varnish/ paint and cleanliness must be guaranteed while using the HVLP sprayer – but always filter the varnish, primer paint, and such material.

Compared to conventional spray, the HVLP guns will require less air and will equally reduce less overspray. They are helpful in spraying the lacquer or interior wood stains

3. HVLP – Marine finishing 

Great finishing is required for marine vessels since the coating offers great corrosion-protection – while also aiding the boat’s aesthetic appeal. 

These HVLP guns will work great for wooden and metal surfaces – offering great covering for the various surfaces – get great coverage and cut overspray. 

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So, for various watercraft including boats refinishing, the HVLP guns are as great as in automotive spraying – it’s excellent for waterproofing. 

Further, the HVLP guns ensure that the vessel’s finishing is entirely smooth and hence eases corrosion. The sprayers are great in auto refinishing with primers, clear coats, and paints. 

4. HVLP – Automotive Refinishing 

For your automotive refinishing, use the HVLP guns to achieve that detailed finish. You can insert pinstripes, color blending, accents, and details. 

  • So, you can use the HVLP sprayers for refinishing your automobiles with a smooth finish. Use the gun for paint, coating, and primer paint. 

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Benefits of automotive painting with HVLP guns – including allowing better cost-effectiveness and quicker automotive painting – with excellent safety. 

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HVLP sprayers in automotive spraying allow less overspray or paint – excess paint collecting on the surface while also ensuring less spending. 

  • You won’t require specialized tools or solvents for the removal of excess paint or overspray – it requires less care. Thus, you’ll save on both labor and supplies – and thus HVLP guns are fit applicators. 

HVLP sprayers provide superior transfer efficiency (5 percent with less over-spray) in the automotive painting process. 

  • This is paint that’s released by the gun and that that sticks on the car surface – this is because systems with higher pressure make more paint bounce off from the car surface. 

The HVLP guns allow time-saving, delivers less overspray, and provides superior transfer-efficiency – but alow ensures that coating has less splatter and is even. 

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The HVLP guns are excellent in all applications that require air-gun spraying – it involves using the air compressor, a nozzle, and a paint basin. 

Professionals that are conscious about time and labor (people who love the turbo – and HVLP sprayers (combined as HVLP airless system). 

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