7 Best Shoes for Box Jumps 2024

The Best Shoes for Box Jumps are the Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 v3 and Reebok Men’s Nano X1 Cross Trainer. These two CrossFit trainers top my list for box jump shoes. They have excellent forefoot flexibility to allow unrestricted metatarsal movement. Thus, efficient jumping. They also deliver reliable traction and grip on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. Best Shoes for Box Jumps

Besides these two trainers, I have included 5 others, which are also responsive, high performing, and reliable.

Check out the detailed review below.

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Review:  7 Best Shoes for Box Jumps

1. Reebok Men’s Nano X1 Cross Trainer – Shoes for Box Jumps

If you’re looking for an all-around sneaker that will allow you to do box jumps plus other workouts pick the Nano X1. This is one of the best shoes For CrossFit and Insanity. It will take you through various exercises without getting a biting.

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Besides that, the Nano X1 features an EVA foam midsole that provides excellent shock absorption and protection against impact during box jumps and other workouts. You’ll appreciate the stabilizing foot comfort that these men’s athletics sneakers deliver. Hence, they accommodate high-intensity workouts, lifting, running, cardio, and CrossFit.

More than that, the Nano X1 is a lightweight and supportive shoe that allows you to perform your box jumps more efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, you’ll love the speed that these lightweight high-intensity shoes for men deliver. With their sleek shape and attractive design, you’re guaranteed to achieve your workout goals while feeling good about yourself.

In addition, the Nano X1 integrates Floatride Energy Foam in its construction. This component delivers lightweight and responsive cushioning for a comfortable fit.

Other than that, the upper utilizes a Flexweave knit fabric that delivers both durability and breathability. The upper also has adequate support to allow multidirectional movement.

Besides that, the Nano X1 has a heel drop of 7 mm. this heel height provides extra heel cushioning for jumping exercises and running.


  • Multi-purpose trainers can accommodate all workouts
  • Excellent in-step comfort
  • Excellent outsole grip
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Spacious toe box
  • reliable heel lockdown


  • Some reviewers have complained about heel rubbing


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2. Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 v3

Most CrossFit enthusiasts are amazed at the high performance and responsiveness of the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3. The shoe is lightweight and flexible. You’ll love that these shoes can handle all exercises including box jumps, squats, burpees, and the treadmill among many other workouts.

Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 v3 – Cross Trainer, Fitness & Weight Lifting Shoe View on Amazon

The bottom of the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v3 utilizes a performance outsole technology, which encourages the natural movement of the foot. This technology delivers an excellent ground foot feel allowing the wearer to jump or move with ease during workouts.

The outsole also delivers excellent traction and grip on all workout surfaces allowing you to perform your box jumps with confidence. The outsole also utilizes vertical grooves and horizontal patterns that encourage the foot to spread naturally and clutch the workout surfaces efficiently.

More than that, the forefoot incorporates a Meta-Flex groove that provides additional flexibility and grip. The TPU shank encourages seamless heel-to-toe transitions.

Furthermore, the midsection features a Powerflow+ midsole that provides an excellent balance between stability and flexibility. It allows you to perform intense movements and weightlifting. You’ll appreciate the way the foot remains stable under heavy load. Most wearers are happy with the cushioning that delivers excellent shock absorption and reliable energy return.

Besides that, these CrossFit men’s training shoes have a low heel-to-toe drop (4 mm) that allows the foot to be in close contact with the ground. Thus, the wearer can control his movements much better during workouts.

More than that, the forefoot is also wide and spacious enough to allow the natural movement of the toes for an effective workout and weightlifting experience.

In addition, you’ll appreciate the comfortable design that this CrossFit provides. It features a durable upper with elastic mesh liners that embrace the foot for extra comfort and support. The upper also provides excellent breathability.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Delivers comfortable fit
  • Provides excellent cushioning for high impact exercises
  • Highly stable
  • Reliable outsole traction and grip
  • Durable


  • You might need to size a half size higher


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3. Reebok Men’s R CROSSFIT Speed TR 2.0 D Sneaker

The Reebok Men’s R CROSSFIT Speed TR 2.0 are among the best CrossFit shoes for box jumps. This box jumps sneakers are highly versatile, thus accommodates a variety of workouts. The trainer also provides adequate support, stability, and cushioning for box jumps, weightlifting, and many other exercises.

Reebok Men's R CROSSFIT Speed TR 2.0 D Sneaker View on Amazon

Furthermore, this Reebox CrossFit shoe features an updated tread pattern on its outsole. The lugs face different directions to deliver multidirectional grip and traction on various surfaces.

Besides that, the entire platform incorporates MetaSplit flex grooves that provide extra flexibility for the natural movement of the foot. The forefoot also has enough of these grooves to allow additional flexibility and efficient bending of the forefoot during workouts like sled pushing.

More than that, the midsection of this Reebox CrossFit trainer features a soft full-length EVA foam that delivers excellent cushioning. This foam provides helps in shock attenuation during high-impact workouts like box jumps.

Besides that, the rearfoot of this cross trainer includes a TPU Kip Klip. This component protects the heel and prevents accidental shoe removal during training. More than that, the sneaker has a low heel-to-toe drop that promotes a steady and firm ground-to-foot experience.

In addition, the upper utilizes a Cordura fabric. This fabric can withstand intense workouts and is resistant to abrasions, tears, or scuffs. The material also has tiny pores that allow entry of air for a fresh and dry in-shoe experience.

The heel area and the forefoot are covered with synthetic material that provides protection during impacts.


  • Multipurpose cross trainers
  • Provides Reliable grip on various surfaces
  • Firm heel promotes stability for weightlifting
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Flexible to allow multi-directional movements


  • Some wide footed people reported that that they couldn’t find a comfortable fit


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4. Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes

The Nike Metcon 5 is one of the best shoes for box jumps. It has numerous features and technologies that allow it to accommodate multiple workouts without compromising on its quality.

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For starters, the midsole provides excellent support for box jumping and other intense training. It integrates a drop-in midsole feature a dual-density aspect. The forefoot area is flexible and soft. Hence, accommodates exercises that involve a lot of toe bending and flexibility.

Furthermore, the heel section is firm enough and allows the wearer to maintain close ground contact. Hence, it’s easier to control your movements under heavy loads.

In addition, the outsole features a grippy rubber compound that provides excellent traction and durability. The amazing tread pattern on the bottom bites the workout surface to give you the confidence to jump, move, or train.

The forefoot also has a grippy rubber compound that provides toe protection and more foot flexibility during jumping workouts.

Furthermore, this Metcon series also incorporates the removable Hyperlift insert that helps to enhance stability when doing thrusters, squats, and weightlifting.

Besides that, the padded heel collar, the TPU heel clip, and the dense synthetic leather wrap provide excellent rearfoot support ensuring a secure lockdown.

Other than that, the upper has a tightly woven mesh that provides a snug foothold. The mesh also incorporates a Haptic chain-link layer that protects the mesh against abrasion.


  • The wide platform and firm heel makes this one of the best stable shoes
  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Highly versatile


  • You might need to order a high size higher than your usual size


5. New Balance Women’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer

The New Balance Women’s Minimus 20 V7 is another excellent box jumps shoe you might want to buy.  This women’s box jumps shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and highly flexible.

New Balance Women's Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer View on Amazon

The New Balance Minimus 20 V7 utilizes a single Vibram rubber outsole. This durable outsole delivers excellent traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The outsole is also non-marking, thus doesn’t leave irritating marks on surfaces.

Furthermore, the forefoot also has amazing tread patterns that provide traction and flexibility to perform plyometrics, burpees, among others.

In addition, the low sole design of a 4 mm drop ensures that you have close-to-ground contact. Thus, you can control your movements more effectively during box jumps.

Other than that, the upper utilizes an engineered knit fabric that’s composed of nylon-infused yarn. This component delivers excellent lateral support while ensuring enhanced flexibility for the natural movement of the foot.

Furthermore, the mesh windows on the upper enhance ventilation for a cool in-shoe experience. The interior of the shoe also has a breathable fabric that delivers superior comfort to the feet.

Besides that, the midsole also features a REVlite compound that provides lightweight cushioning. Hence, you’re guaranteed a comfortable underfoot feeling while doing your box jumps. The REVlite also helps in shock absorption during those intense workouts.

These women’s workout shoes also provide a comfortable fit thanks to the molded asymmetrical collar that promotes a natural fit. The interior of this workout shoe also has cushioned insoles that provide additional underfoot comfort. These insoles are covered with textile to eliminate in-shoe slippage.


  • Comfortable cross-training shoe
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent design and style
  • Durable


  • Some people reported that the shoe runs small


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6. ASICS Women’s Conviction X Cross Trainer

If you’re looking for a comfortable all-around CrossFit shoe you need to pick the ASICS Conviction X. you’ll appreciate its excellent balance of minimalism, cushioning, and support. This women’s trainer has all the features that would make your box jumps a success.

ASICS Women's Conviction X Cross Trainer View on Amazon

For starters, the outsole of Conviction X features the Asics High Abrasion Rubber compound that’s placed throughout the shoe’s platform. This compound delivers unmatched durability, traction, and grip on all workout surfaces. The outsole is also thick and flat to ensure effective weightlifting.

Other than that, the midsole also uses a perforated sock liner to enhance moisture removal. Thus, improved breathability. The 4 mm heel-to-toe drop ensures a steady platform. You’ll love how you can efficiently control your foot movements during box jumps exercises.

Furthermore, the ASICS Conviction utilizes a TPU heel counter to stabilize the rearfoot when doing heavy weight lifting or intense movements like the box jumps.

Besides that, the top section of this women’s ASICS cross trainers features a RhynoSkin Synthetic Leather. This material is abrasion resistant, hence, enhanced upper durability.

More than that, you’ll notice that the upper has a seamless construction that helps to prevent friction and irritation. Hence, you’re guaranteed a softer and comfortable feeling throughout the workout period.

Furthermore, the toe box area has a mesh fabric that provides additional comfort and breathability. The shoe also boasts of an integrated lace garage that complies with lacing standard requirements. Hence, you’ll benefit from a snug and secured fit.


  • Superior comfort
  • Excellent outsole traction
  • Highly versatile
  • The best shoe for weightlifting
  • Highly breathable


  • Not the best shoe for heavy weightlifting


7. New Balance Men’s Dynasoft Trnr V1 Cross Trainer

New Balance Men’s Dynasoft Trnr V1 is another excellent shoe for box jumps. It’s one of the best-cushioned and efficient training shoes you can pick for the multiple workouts you’ll engage in at the gym.

New Balance Men's Dynasoft Trnr V1 Cross Trainer View on Amazon

Dynasoft Trnr V1 has numerous features and technologies to allow you to have a great workout experience.

For starters, the multi-directional rubber outsole provides excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces allowing you to perform your box jumps with confidence. This shoe is ideal for anyone who trains on gym mats, concrete floors, or even indoor surfaces.

This highly versatile shoe doesn’t require you to change in case you want to engage in another workout activity. You’ll just use this pair to do all your workouts. It provides an excellent combination of style and functionality.

You’ll also love the excellent underfoot protection that this shoe provides during the intense box jumps workouts. It features a lightweight DynaSoft cushioning that helps to reduce the force of impact during jump exercises. Thus, it offers better knee protection.

Besides that, the top section of the Dynasoft Trnr V1 features breathable mesh material. This material ensures durability and adequate airflow inside the shoe.

Furthermore, the forefoot fins deliver unmatched balance and stability for the wearer. They also enhance the lateral support within the forefoot area.


  • Provides excellent support
  • Instep comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent outsole traction
  • Casual and modernized design
  • Affordable


  • One reviewer reported that the tongue causes foot irritation



I hope that this review on the best shoes for box jumps has been helpful. When planning to do box jumps, it’s crucial that you choose shoes that offer forefoot protection and flexibility. Well-cushioned shoes are also a plus. Such shoes provide good shock absorption; hence protect you from hard impacts. Fortunately, all the shoes reviewed on this list are some of the best in the market. They are versatile and accommodate almost all exercises.

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