Best Wireless Controller for Retropie Gaming 2018 – Reviews

Best Wireless Controller for Retropie

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A controller an indispensable device while you are playing retro games on either the custom-built Raspberry Pi console, Mac, and on Windows.

To use your Raspberry Pi like a console emulator, download and run Retropie.

Controller options are keyboard-mouse or any controller (Maybe Wireless?) to play retro games through HDMI on Television.


After deep analysis and consultations with retro gamers, I recommend Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller as the best wireless controller for retropie gaming. However, read on to know the pros and cons of each of the other wireless retro pie gaming controller.

Roundup: My Picks for Best Wireless Controller for Retropie

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller  is good for people with old school and hard-core gaming. It allows increased gameplay comfort and accessibility. Comes with more ergonomic button and dual analog sticks, in addition to batteries that will last about 80 hours.

8bitdo SNES30 is among the Best Wireless Controller for Retropie for its compatibility. Compared to original Nintendo controllers, the d-pad and buttons of SNES30 are clicky and have a modern feel. Also, it allows key remapping. You’ll need a USB bluetooth adapter.

Logitech Gamepad F710 by Logitech is a wireless controller that has great dual vibration. With the Xbox controllers face buttons and DualShock design and particularly good for people with small hands. Rubber covered analog sticks and smooth gamepad feel.

The inexpensive STOGA Black Classic Gamepad enables seamless gaming. Dual analog sticks and responsive controls and fits well into the hands. It is an excellent gamepad for Nintendo Wii U Pro with great precision. Won’t work with games 8 or Wii system. 

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Best Wireless Controller for Retropie

1. Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller

Best Wireless Controller for Retropie

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The Wii U Pro Controller will function excellently with Retropie 4.1 and RPi3s.

Wii U Pro Controller is designed for “staunch” gamers but comes with a traditional build and, according to Forbes, it looks like Xbox 360 Controller.

Also, the device has a fantastic battery size. The controller has a full button layout that has analogs, LR Triggers, and LR shoulders.

Further, it has an excellent D-Pad to allow you to isolate the L-R and not hit the U-D.

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller Review 


Wii U Pro has a design that matches the Xbox 360 controller. For example, it has solid trigger, rounded wings as its grips and bumper shoulder buttons.

Further, the analog sticks sit parallel to one another.


To connect the controller, you’ll only need to push the Sync button behind the USB ports’ covers and then push the controller Sync button.

It is compatible with all the Virtual Console Wii U games and most Wii U Video games such as Mario.

Here’s how to set up the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller

2. 8bitdo SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller 

After testing various options of the 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Controller, we noted that they have a similar design.

8bitdo SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller

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However, they are not exactly similar to the Nintendo controllers. For example, the d-pad and buttons of the 8bitdo SNES30 are more clicky compared to the Nintendo controllers. Further, it has Nintendo switch support.

The 8bitdo SNES30 Controller is highly customizable and supports key remapping and firmware updates.

The wireless controller is both compact, stylish and high quality. Further, the controller has a Retron5 mode support through a 720p HDMI output.

The controller supports both touchscreen games and key control. You can set up the turbo key and combo key using the programmable keys.

With a 480mAh battery (rechargeable), you’ll get 18 hours of gaming. You’ll quickly connect the controller to the micro USB cable or the Bluetooth 4.0.

Are you wondering how to sync your Controller with the Retropie?


Check the video below!

3. Logitech Gamepad F710 by Logitech 

Logitech F710 Best Wireless Controller is the second Best Wireless Controller for Retropie and has a perfect for retro pie with its dual vibration motors, 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity capability, and customizable controls.

Logitech Gamepad F710 by Logitech

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The controller is truly comfortable with its a mode button, 2 analog sticks, a Dpad, and the DirectInput and Xinput supports.

Also, the controller will give you an excellent battery life and will be truly comfortable in our hands. You’ll not experience any delays in transmission of data with the 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

With a USB Nano-receiver and cordless controller, you’ll easily plug the device into the retropie and continue with your gaming effortless.

The motors (dual vibration feedback) will allow you to feel all the explosion, crash and hit in your gaming in games which support vibration feedback.

Also, the game controllers will function effectively with your Sony Android TVs. With the contoured rubber grips and smooth curves, you’ll have cozier gaming.

4. Wireless Game Controller, STOGA by STOGAV

Wireless Game Controller, STOGA by STOGAV

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With an ergonomic button and twin analog sticks, the Wireless Game STOGA Controller will give you a cozy gaming experience.

If you fond of gaming for long periods of time, then do not worry, as this controller is a comfortable hold for your games.

Its design will fit excellently into your hands.

Further, the controller is fast and easy to operate and control.

Therefore, you will not regret trying gaming with this controller.

5. DualShock 4 Wireless Jet Black – Best for 2D and 3D Games

DualShock 4 Wireless Jet Black Controller

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DualShock 4 has double analogs button layout with a softer texture that will fit perfectly in your hands.

It has new analogs with indents at the player’s thumb top that allow it to sit raised.

With an amazing touchpad, you’ll easily swipe zoom flick. Further, the controller has a speaker that you can integrate your gaming with a headphone jack that is below the r2 and l2 button.

Further, the controller has an additional share button that would enable you to share with friends.

Therefore, share button will allow you to share your amazing flashes through the push button. Also, you can screenshot and upload your videos or stream live your gaming with no disturbance to your gaming.

DualShock 4 Wireless Jet Black Review

DualShock 4 take the trophy for best controller for 2D and 3D games. It has analog sticks that are great for 3D games while the directional pad works great for the 2D games.


Despite being too pricey and heavy for playing 2D games, the controller can play a range of games such as PlayStation One and NES.

It has trigger buttons and analog sticks that will give you amazing control in our gaming. DualShock 4 has highly responsive buttons and the pads have a spongy click feeling.


Interestingly, the controller is rechargeable, and thus you’ll just plug the device and charge hence does not require batteries and you can use it while charging.


6.  Carelove8Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Classic NES Controller

Carelove8Bitdo NES wireless Controller works excellently for Retropie, Android, and iOS Gamepad.

Carelove8Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Classic NES Controller

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Notably, the controller operates effectively with various touchscreen gadgets.

Also, you’ll get more versatile use with the controller since you can program the keys and upgrade its firmware. It allows dual-mode Bluetooth support: touch screen and Bluetooth keyboard simulation.

Therefore, if you are into touchscreen fighting games, the Carelove8Bitdo NES wireless Controller has the drag and drop functions that will allow you to map keys.

Buyer’s Guide

What about Retrolink Nintendo 64?

For playing the Nintendo 64 games, I love the RetroLink controller as it excellently replicates the Nintendo 64 controller.

However, note that the RetroLink controller has only one analog stick and thus will not be effectively usable with other games.


From all the tests we conducted, Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller  is our Best Wireless Controller for Retropie. The devices’ compatibility and quality are excellent.

Also, we have outlined the steps you should take to set up the Bluetooth controller for retro pic.


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